Mermaids got nothing on me!

In one of my late night internet adventures for hair products I came across a number of hair tools that could wave your hair to give you a “Mermaid Look”. Don’t get me wrong the waves did look pretty impressive but as I started to look at the actual tool I realised, it wasn’t something cutting edge in fact I was something I had actually used in high school! I used to have a waver similar to this one. Obviously it was a bit more suited to the earlier 2000’s (yes I’m old- apparently) but in comparison the barrels were a lot smaller than this one so they looked like they were smaller waves – a less sharper step up from crimping that looked a little obvious it wasn’t naturally wavy. This new one on the other hand has a much larger barrel so the waves can be made to look a bit more natural. So obviously I had to buy this, I mean come on! Beach waves with little effort to make HELL YEAH.

So with this whole “Mermaid Look” being so popular I did have a number of different brands to chose from (all pretty much the same product though). I did end up getting the Bondi Boost wave wand. This was $84.95AUD which was pretty much around the price of the other brands I saw, but this one had a heat protectant glove and a heat protector spray included. I’m all about the extra shit. This took about a week and a bit to arrive only because it was purchased around public holidays and with the bushfires it’s expected to take a while. Which I was totally fine with its pretty understandable.

So when this arrived I straight away took it for a test drive. Obviously. It was very easy to use just put it on an wait to heat up. Before each time I waved a section of my hair I sprayed it with the heat protector spray to make sure that my blonde hair didn’t cook and get more damaged (struggles of being blonde). The spray itself was light and didn’t have an over powering scent to it and it didn’t make my hair go stiff like so so many have done to my hair. OFF TOPIC Has anyone else ever used a heat protector that seems an awful lot like a fucking hair spray? I have gone through so many and I tell you what I have a select few that I still hold are hair sprays with heat protector slapped onto the can because my god they make my hair feel stiff as shit and look so much like straw.

BACK ON TOPIC so the heat protector was pretty good. The heat protector glove i admit I was a little thrown by because I’ve honestly never thought to use one ever (despite the fact I always burn myself a tiny bit when using any heated tools) so it didn’t cross my mind to use it. For the first part of my hair. After a few burns on my hand I thought I might give it a whirl to see if it helps stop me from, you know burning myself. I must say I don’t know why I never thought to use one, it helped so much and I wasn’t randomly loudly grunting profanities from the bathroom from burning my hands.

The overall process waving my hair was pretty quick and I didn’t find that I had a “shit section” of my hair that I needed to redo. It all was nice and even and I liked how quickly it was done. I did text this out with my natural wavy/fuzzy hair first and it still came out looking nice and neat. I did try out straightening my hair first then waving it and found it did like that a little more- only because of the texture of my hair (curse my blonde hair and sheep wool hair genetics) if you straighten it first it tends to sit less poof like when waved or curled. It really depends from person to person how you do it.

With the waver I do like it as something to change up my hair when Im going for something in between curls and straight hair. I would say this would be perfect for those days when I want to put a little effort to my appearance but don’t want to spend too much time dedicated to looking less like a heap of trash. I was pretty happy with the heat protector spray, it didn’t dry out my hair or make it stiff like some brands tend to do – I actually use it for when I straighten my hair as well now (since I’m out of my usual GDH spray). This was a great find and of course Ive included the websites link below for you to check out. They have a number of beauty products and bundles available that all look great to try out.

IM OUT!!!!


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