Breakfast in a Magical Wonderland

For my Birthday I wanted to go out for a nice breakfast with the family and since my food section at the moment is very limited (cheers pregnancy) I wanted to go somewhere unique and that had something refreshing. By this I didn’t want and overly filling breakfast were I leave the place waddling and struggling to breathe. Also wanted to avoid somewhere in which the food was so fancy that I was paying a ridiculous price for a bite sized meal. I was looking for the in between. Then I came across FLOVIE FLORIST CAFE.

The cafe is located in Carlton (not far from Queen Victoria Market, Melbourne) and is a beautifully decorated place. With its intricate flower arrangements and bright purple walls you feel as if you’ve made your way into a fairy tale. The staff were extremely welcoming and the food had every bit of detail made to it in taste and appearance. With an Asian-Fusion menu it gives a unique breakfast experience. its my breakfast I thought I would have a treat and got myself a mocktail with breakfast (why the hell not if I wasn’t pregnant Id have been enjoying a mimosa). They had some really interesting selections of Mocktails I ended up getting The Sleeping Beauty. This was a delicious concoction of rose, ruby grapefruit and passionfruit served to you on a tray in which you would create it yourself.

For our food, my husband being the creature of habit he is ordered the Flovie Big Brekkie (once you seen one you seen them all) it was a generous helping of bacon, eggs, mushrooms, avocado, has browns and all of the other standard breakfast goodness. My spawn and I on the other hand when on a bit more of an adventurous route for our breakfast. I went with the Purple Rice Pudding, which was Coconut purple rice with strawberry yoghurt, fresh berries, granola and toasted coconut flakes. While my spawn got the Flovie Black Forest Hotcakes, which was topped with cherry compote, chocolate creme anglaise, cherry chocolate ganache, mascarpone chantilly and chocolate soil. When these dishes arrived at the table both our jaws dropped. My pudding was a beautiful coloured creation sprinkled with flowers and fresh fruit. It was so god damn delicious, I couldn’t finish the dish because it was pretty filling (Although I did eat a fair amount past my full stage). Mixing the granola and yoghurt with the pudding was the perfect combination with a mixture of crunch and sweet – thinking about it now is making my mouth water.

The spawns creation looked so different from hotcakes, it looked so much like a piece of cake (yep as if I gave my kid cake for breakfast). For something that looked fairly small it was very hard for even the little chocolate crack head to finish. I had a taste and i could see why. As much as it was so tasty and very much like a black forrest cake it was very rich in flavour and would be a little filling and a wee bit sickening.

After leaving this cafe I was already mentally planning my next visit (childfree of course) it was such a pleasant experience and the food was beyond amazing. Although the meals don’t look too over the top big, my god they are filling! Definitely check this place out. Like below if you want to suss them out.

IM OUT!!!!


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