I am Shocked!

Normally I post on Wednesday (with the exception of Christmas) but this was something that had to be shared.…..

Today while watching a show with my husband about all of the great movies of each decade, he admitted to me that he has never seen THE SIXTH SENSE. I’ll repeat that for you HE HAS NEVER SEEN THE SIXTH SENSE!!! The man that gave me so much crap for never seeing ROADHOUSE when we first started dating has never seen the movie with one of the most infamous lines “I see dead people“. How is it in over a decade of us being together that he has never seen this movie in the many many many years its has been out?! I mean come on the kid is a grown ass man now! He was in the Ted Bundy (Don’t make me say the long ass tittle) movie with Zac Efron. I mean come on man!

Im totally shocked this was kept from me all these years. Im not saying this film is a cinematic masterpiece, but really its a film thats been referenced and parodied many times. How could you get half of the shit when they are referencing to it. Seriously. Any way after many weird looks from me and yelling “what the fuck” I offered to put it on for him. His reply was simply I know the deal, no need. I will give the man that considering it is an old movie and the twist isn’t really a twist if you know its coming.

I am curious if anyone else had had something like this come up in their long term relationship. Finding out something (no matter how small) that shocked you.



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