Who NOT to Be on Valentines Day

With Valentine’s Day approaching, I thought I’d share who NOT to be. This short list of 3 people are who I have encountered at some point in my lifetime or people have told me about. ENJOY!!

THE PERSON WHO EXPECTS TOO MUCH : Ok so you’re excited about Valentine’s Day with your significant other and you’ve been on Pinterest or have seen footage of significant others making over-the-top Valentine’s Days for their special person and BAM! You get it in your head that your going to get it. So many people have had this idea that they are going to have their man/ woman do something totally amazing on Valentine’s Day only to be disappointed when they have a small simple celebration (that most likely ends in a fight). First of all people, don’t expect these grand gestures! Just enjoy the fact you have a special someone to be with. If they do spontaneously do something big it makes the surprise even more special but if you force it on them it’s really you bullying them into doing something nice for you. Another thing, if they never really like or do big extravagant gestures for anything else eg: birthdays, Christmas or even anniversaries. What makes you think they will start with this day?? Come on don’t be one of those My Super Sweet 16 Brats.

THE SOCIAL MEDIA WHORE: ohhhh god! This one I think everyone has witnessed at some point. The person trying to be a social media influencer that shares every little detail of the day. Yes it is great to share what an amazing time you are having or the extra mile your S.O went (give credit when credits due) but don’t literally show it play by play. For example your husband set up a lovely dinner with all of the petals, candles, all that shit. Your there walking in and recording the whole moment for Instagram, I’m sorry the moment loses romantic for the person on the other end. Imagine you did all of this hard work to make an amazing evening and your other half is on Instagram stories the whole time while you stand there grimacing, No thanks. Some people like talking to other people while the have their phone up….not me.

MISS I HATE VALENTINES DAY: We get it this isn’t really a day for everyone. A lot of guys hate it (a lot don’t…..a few hours being sweet and romantic = brownie points) but the women that are very vocal about their dislike for this day. Sit down and shut up. Sure you can keep it to yourself OR just say it in passing but don’t be the dick that goes the extra mile and shits on everyone else’s day with endless comments like “My S.O and I don’t need a day to tell each other how much we love each other” or “wow he got you those flowers” or “you know this holiday is just stores trying to make extra money”. Crap like that. This individual is creeping on KAREN territory and wants to speak to the manager about canceling the day. Don’t be a Valentine’s Day Karen and just let people enjoy their day.

Alrighty then so that the 3 people who you shouldn’t be this Valentines Day, what am I doing for good old V-Day? Having a spawn free lunch with the husband followed by us having awkward pregnancy sex. Try get that image out of your head…..



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