Home Makeover Sessions 2020!

So this is it I finally snapped and decided this is gong to be the year. Out with all of the old crap in my house in in with the new. Ive wanted to refresh a lot of my house for some time now but have only just started and then gave up half way. But not this year! I mean really Ill already be looking around for baby shit anyway (stupid me throwing out/donating everything from the first born because I assumed we were done after one) so why not give the house a bit of a fresh look.

I will be stating that although we are in dire need of a new couch (still is comfortable but is worn to shit) we will keep it for a while longer. Only because with the arrival of number 2 Im being smart with this, because our first born had horrible reflux her first year she would throw up anytime and it would be projectile. I thought to play it save best to stick to the old couch just in case history repeats itself and we end up with another projectile vomiter. Could only imagine and nice couch not even a year old covered in vomit and the smell would not come out. But everything else no matter how large or small will be updated to give the house the final look we want and not just a heap of furniture/ decor we’ve held onto for all these years out of sentimental value.

So join me on my adventure to zhoosh up my house. Some times it may only be a few little bits a pieces to tweak up a room but hey its the little things that count.

IM OUT!!!!!!


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