First Carl’s Jnr experience

Recently a Carl’s Jnr opened up near my house and since I never made it to this fast food chain whenever I was in the states, I had to try this shit out! Since I have been eating mainly healthy food to make sure I have a healthy pregnancy and don’t have to lose a copious amount of weight after spawn is born, this was a massive treat for me. Now I have to say this with the US they have so many different take out places where you can eat and I am honestly jealous! Say for example if were feeling like we want to be fatties the choices for aren’t particularly many. Sure we have UBER EATS, but you have to make sure you are living in an area that has good place to order from. At my old place there was barely any places to order from just a couple of pizza places and a lot of Indian food. So unless you are living in an area with a variety of food places to order the pickings can be slim. Anyway getting here was no problems, the drive through seemed pretty busy (it did open recently) and we just figured we go in and check it out.

Walking in here you can tell this fast food restaurant was new. It was so clean, staff still have life in their eyes and this shocked me that if you order in they deliver it to your table instead of you waiting at the register for the food to be made. Im not sure if everywhere does it now because I’m usually going through drive through. So while we were sitting waiting for our food to arrive I had a little look through the flyer they had that had the whole menu on it, just to suss out if we ever wanted to come back something else we could try. One thing that stood out to me was the breakfast menu, GO CARLS JNR!! That is a big selection menu and didn’t feel like it was just the same as McDonalds or Hungry Jacks (Burger King). The desserts also looked tasty as well but we thought we would start with the burgers today.

They food came fairly quickly considering a lot of people were lined up. The spawn got a Star Pals Cheeseburger Meal which was essentially their version of a happy meal so she was happy. My husband and I ended up sharing a The Big Carl Burger meal and a side of Crisscut Fries. Ive never heard of crisscut fries I always thought they were called waffle fries, but I guess they do here. Any way the crisscut fries were pretty good they had this kinda seasoning to them which I liked – honestly I would just go there to buy those fries by themselves with some dipping sauce it was pretty tasty. The actual fries I liked swell they weren’t soggy what so ever (fuck you McDonalds and your soggy fries – McDonalds is on my hate list for a number of reasons at the moment) they were salted perfectly and they didn’t look like they were frozen shit stuffed in a box, they looked hand made. Even If they were frozen shit I don’t care they tasted good.

The burger, was nice very filling (along with all those fries) glad we shared. It tasted good but it didn’t blow us away. My husband who is a big fast food eater wasn’t particularly amazed by this burger. We both agreed while it based good and defiantly was a step up from the usual fast food burgers we have had it just tasted like it was a slightly better Whopper, in a sense. Saying that though we did think it was purely down to the fact we chose the wrong burger for us and it might be that we just have to go back to try find the perfect burger to suit us.

Overall this excursion was fun to finally say I have tried Carls Jnr out, we will try it out again to try something else and most likely to try out the breakfast menu. I didn’t include anything about the kids menu because my kid would say any fast food is amazing because frankly she’s just happy to be eating something thats junk food. If you are in Australia and are wanting to check out the menu or if there is a location near you just follow the link bellow.

IM OUT!!!!!


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