Colourpop Lippie Bundle

With the cool weather coming up I wanted to jump on top of my lip care. Last year I ended up with peeling lips that looked like I constantly had leftover food chunks on my lips, delicious. So this year I decided to jump on it early and after a little shopping on the Colourpop website I decided to try out the lip scrub and lip balm to see if my lips look and feel amazing.

While looking in the lip section of the site they did include lip balms and scrubs sold separately, but I wanted to just get the kit. For the cheap price why the fuck not! I ended up buying the Peach Bellini flavour, party because I do love the smell of peach. Nothing to do with the fact I couldn’t enjoy a cocktail. Being as it came from the states it didn’t take too long to arrive – always surprise when things front he US comes quicker than things from within Australia. I do always love Colourpop products, they’re one of my go to brands. The packaging was simple but cute and I was really keen to give this a go.

It turned out to be a perfect week when testing these out since the weather had started to cool off, then shot back up to warm weather again the change and the exposure to fans and air con made my lips a bit crusty. Great to try out in anticipation for the colder months. The scrub itself had a faint scent to it, not overly powerful which I was expecting. It had a sweet scent to it, wouldn’t say it smelt like peach to be honest but I honestly wasn’t to fussed. In the morning I used the scrub (after washing my face) and honestly I had to fight every urge to lick my lips it really felt like I had eaten a sugar covered jam doughnut and my face was covered in sugar (well just my mouth). After a bit of scrubbing on my lips I removed the residue with a towel and water dried my lips and applied the lip balm.

The lip balm was again not overly scented but again I didn’t want the scent too powerful. If I wanted an overly scented lip balm I might has well gone and got lip smackers. Those use to be my thing in high school, god they smelt so good – probably did dick to keep my lips nice but they were the shit to have in your bag. Now the one thing I was worried about with the balm was the fact it was kind of a gel and not a standard twist up balm (like a chapstick). In my experience I’ve found a lot of gel like balms are super sticky and don’t really do anything other than make a mess and cause your hair to stick to your mouth. This did surprise me it was pretty smooth putting it on and I didn’t feel like I had a layer of glue on my face. My lips were of course a little shiny at first but after a short time I didn’t even remember it was on my face. My lips feel so amazing and I’m actually looking at stocking up on a supply for lip balms (coronavirus is making everyone stock up on toilet paper – Im stocking up on lip balms, priorities right there).

These were a great little kit to help keep my lips looking great and feeling soft and Hydrated. The only thing is they didn’t really have any instructions on what to do with the kit, I did have a little search on how to use the scrub. Yes I know it should be straight forward but I wanted to double check I did it correctly, I mean honestly they put instructions in tampon packets and its really a no brainer. But anyway the kit was great on my lips I did notice an improvement almost instantly and I have been using the lip balm daily. Again I do like how the balm isn’t sticky or messy at all I feel like its actually hydrating my lips instead of what a lot of others do and make a shiny base on your lips. As always Ive attached a link to the Colourpop website for you to check out their amazing selection of products.



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