Trying out ALL of my Samples

Since being stuck at home pretty much most of the time now, Ive being having a bit of a clean out with a few items around the house just to try keep my sanity. No I don’t have the Coronavirus (neither does my family) BUT we are trying to stay home as much as physically possible because the way the world has gone with everyone panic buying and basically become absolute fuckwits, I just can’t deal with it. So anyway I thought I would go through all of my samples from Sephora and Mecca to try clear out some items in my bathroom cupboard because I realised I have a lot!

I honestly hold onto these samples as a way to go “oh I might want to try that out some day” and it ends up just sitting there for months. Is anyone else a samples hoarder? Yeah I have a problem. So anyway over a few days Im hanging up my usual beauty routine and using nothing but my samples to try and get a feel if they are worth buying. This will most likely end up being a two or three parter because I really do have a lot of samples, but enjoy.

KAT VON D: Studded Kiss Creme Lipstick , Tattoo Liner & Lock It Translucent Setting Powder

These I had received apart of my birthday gift from Sephora this year and I have to say I have never owned any Kat Von D makeup products ever. I honestly haven’t ever looked at her makeup in store or online either. Im Guessing because I never really see items that really intrigue me, Im not sure. So this will be interesting. I do like the fact that this sample (apart from the lipstick) is kind of travel sized so if it turns out to be something I like I could keep it in my handbag for touch ups while out. I am trying these not trying to say there shit because I am a big Jefree Star Cosmetics fan and I know they had a fall out and drama. I like makeup based on if it delivers not the drama behind it.


I didn’t mind this little eyeliner at all. It did the job and dint look like i barely had any product in it – some liquid eyeliners in pen form I find can be dryish like there isn’t enough product inside and you have to go over a few times to make it actually look black. This was good went on smooth was able to do my standard wing eyeliner and it didn’t smudge. I will keep this little bad boy for when I’m out and about and need a touch up. It won’t take up any room in my bag, even the small ones so this was a pleasant surprise.


Applying these lipstick samples I used a brush, which Ive done in the past with other samples. Im not sure if it was that Ive moved more to liquid lipsticks, but I found these to be a little chalky or a bit drying. The colours were beautiful all matched my skin and added a bit of extra drama to my look. At a distance they looked great but as people got closer to me the could tell it wasn’t really as good as it looked initially.


Did like this setting powder it didn’t make my makeup look cake afterwards and some do. It was really lightweight which I liked.I like my makeup to not feel like cake face or that i have to stand a certain way because one slight move and anyone in my vicinity has part of my makeup on them. Another item I can keep in my bag for touch ups.

PETER THOMAS ROTH: Pumpkin Enzyme Mask

I’ve heard of Peter Thomas Roth products before but I’ve never tried them. I also don’t know anyone who has actually used any products so I didn’t really have a lot to go off of for recommendations. So I was going into this blindly. Opening the tiny pack I had a little sniff of it, of course if its got pumpkin in the name I’m expecting it to have the sweet pumpkin scent. It did. I opened it up and it smelt AMAZING!!! Seriously it had a scent that if someone was wearing it Id follow them because it was such a delightful smell. So the mask itself felt similar to one of the sugar scrub masks from FRESH that I tried a few weeks ago and loved so I thought it would be the same results.

With direction its as follows:

  • Apply thin layer to face
  • Gently massage in circular motion with wet fingertips to polish
  • Leave on for 3-7 minutes depending on skin sensitivity
  • Rinse thoroughly
  • Use 1 or 2 times a week

So I followed the instructions was feeling confident. But when it came to leaving it on I barely made it to a minute my skin was on fire! After doing a bit of an exfoliation with the product I began to feel like my skin was burning and I had to instantly wash my face because it was really unbearable. After washing it off my skin calmed down almost instantly and I didn’t look like I was in a chemical explosion. Despite the skin irritation when using it as soon as I dried my face my skin actually felt good. I didn’t feel like it was dry and I needed moisturiser right after (I actually didn’t end up putting any on). My skin did look improved and my few zits had gone down significantly.

This whole situation has left me a little confused with my overall opinion. So since I do have a number of these masks samples I will give this mask a go BUT I’ll wait until after I have spawn 2. Only because the reason why my skin could have had such a stinging feel to it was down to the fact my skin itself might be a lot more sensitive than I initially thought due to pregnancy. So I will try it again later on so stay tuned in a couple on months. But as far as my impressions are so far; it smells great and the results are fantastic its just I don’t want to have to feel like Im setting my face on fire to have good skin.

TOO FACED: Hangover 3-in-1 Replenishing Primer and Setting Spray

Ive never used this spray but I do use the cream primer all the time its my go-to in primers. My skin always feels great when applying it and it smells great. I do love Too Faced products, I used a lot of them but honestly Im not sure why I skipped out on this spray. Any way so I used this itty bitty sample as a setting spray (its a cute little spray bottle) after I had completed my makeup look. Its smelt similar to the primer cream but I found this spray to make my face spotty. I was honestly a bit disappointed because I have had a lot of luck with Too Faced products in the past (with the exception of one foundation) this setting spray made it feel and look like I just sprayed my face with water or something and went out.

Saying that though I did use this as a kind of refreshing spray through the day with kind of adding a bit of hydration and kind of waking my skin up. Which it did. I did do this makeup free and it really did do its job. For this spray if I was to buy it I would say Id use it just as a skin refresher if my skins feeling a bit dry or just want to add that little extra moisture. I do like the small size so it will stay in my handbag for those days I’m makeup free. As far as it goes for a setting spray, its a no from me. It could have been the spray bottle shot out too much all at once but I honestly felt it just wasn’t as good as it could be.

FRESH : Sugar Strawberry Exfoliating Face Wash

Fresh, the products that if I ever become a millionaire I would buy every week. After trying those face masks earlier this year, I couldn’t get them out of my head how well my skin responded to all of the products and how amazing it felt afterwards. Strangely enough whenever I look online at the Sephora website at Fresh products this one always is one of the first to pop up. So I have to try this it wants me to try it out!

Directions for use:

  • Use more water for less exfoliation, or lightly wet your face and leave it on for 3-5 minutes for deeper cleaning.
  • Rinse with warm water

As expected this face wash did not disappoint me at all. It smelt delicious. I seriously have a problem here guys I may one day try to eat skin care products if they keep smelling this good (good god Ive lost my mind). When putting it on my skin I started using a small amount but as I kept going I literally made sure I got every little drop out of that little sample I mean the more I massaged it into my skin the more I wanted. As soon as I rinsed it off my skin glowed (not due to pregnancy – I don’t glow I look like a swamp monster) it looked so good after only one wash. Imagine if I used it daily. Skin was smooth and it looked a lot more even in tone. I am weighting up on buying this because I already spend a shit tonne on skincare products at the moment, but I am moving towards “TREAT YO SELF”.

I think thats all for now folks, don’t worry I have PLENTY more samples to give a whirl. Like I predicted this will be a bit of a two or three parter situation. This is what happens when the world goes insane I try out all of the samples I have in my house just to keep my sanity. So yes stay tuned for part two.

IM OUT!!!!


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