Trying out ALL of my Samples – Take 2

TAKE 2!!! Here we go. This has actually been a little fun to finally actually try out these samples that have been taking up so much space in my bathroom. Im having a good clean out and broadening my mind when it comes to makeup, skincare and hair care. But yes I thought Id put this sample adventure on a back to back weeks since I did spend a lot of time trying these over a 2-3 weeks. I still do have a lot of other samples but I might put out a third one later on down the track. Enjoy……..

GLAM GLOW: Waterburst Hydrated Glow Moisturiser

Glam Glow has always been a brand that I have wanted to try. From their masks to their moisturisers I’ve always been curious to try them out. I originally wanted to try them out when my skin when to total shit about a year and half ago but what stopped me was I was getting a lot of negative reviews from people. Some were ranting on how it made their skin worse than it was in the first place while others said it was a total rip off and you could get the same results with products that cost a lot less. While I do agree Glam Glow can get a bit pricey, BUT generally Ive found a lot of skin care product do cost more if you want results (this is coming from a person who pays $50+ on face wash because its the only one that works for my skin).

But since I had a sample I could get my own personal opinion on one of their products. I mean really at the moment if this does react badly on my face and causes me to break out worse than any teenager its not the end of the world, I can just blame pregnancy hormones (using pregnancy as an excuse as much as I can). So anyhoo this moisturiser apparently quenches, plumps and replenish the skin. So after my normal morning washing of the face, I added the moisturiser instead of my usual product. It did smell nice and felt pretty light weight when applied to the skin. I didn’t feel too oily when it was on, although it didn’t quite feel like it had soaked into my skin as quickly as I’m used to with a lot of the other moisturisers that I use. Other than that it honestly wasn’t too bad. My skin was hydrated through the day and a little bit did go a long way so I was able to use it another day to just see how it would go. My skin didn’t break out and it did look nice and smooth. I didn’t look like the creature from the black lagoon.

As far as this goes I could get this moisturiser if my normal product or backup product was not available. But I am very much stuck in my ways at the moment that I probably won’t rush out to replace my normal moisturisers for now.

GO-TO: Very Useful Face Cream

I am going to be completely honest here, I have never heard of this brand. I got it in with one of my purchases and I remember looking at the sample and thinking to myself “what the fuck is this” because really I didn’t know anything about the brand nor had I seen anything from this brand before. To all of the people that use this or know the brand and are reading this going “my god you are are moron” Im sorry, this has never appeared on my radar.

So anyway I tried this one morning after cleaning my face and when I opened the sample it did have a pleasant scent to it. When I put it out on my hands it was a thick cream that kind of reminded me of sunscreen. With applying it to my face it also felt a lot like sunscreen – in the sense that I felt like I did have a layer on my face for hours and it didn’t really soak in. I did apply sparingly because of the feel from the cream it felt like a little bit could go a long way. My face was smooth which was obviously good but all I could really feel was greasy. It ddi seriously remind me of sunscreen or one of those really really cheap moisturisers you can get out of the supermarket.

I gave this the benefit of the doubt because I do tend to use serums and when you first put them on your face can feel bit oily (but it soaks in). But anyway I was going to try this the next day to just see if it was just the consistency I wasn’t used to, BUT i was greeted the next morning by two master zits on my face. Now these zits are my usual tell tale signs when my skin does agree with a product, whether its skin care or makeup. I always get these bit ass red zits on my left cheek. They are the type of pimple thats not ready to pop they just look like I have some sort of gross sores on my face that no concealer is able to cover it – not even shape tape! So yes this didn’t go down well with my face and I didn’t bother trying to give it a second chance just tossed the sample.

SOL JANEIRO: Brazilian Joia Strengthening and Smoothing Shampoo and Conditioner

Ok so this brand I used their Bum Bum Moisturiser daily. Its the one body moisturiser that I have religiously stuck to using day in day out. I haven’t tried the shampoo and conditioner yet because whenever I went to buy it in store for some reason I couldn’t find it at all. But I got a sample to this is a good little bit of fun. I also like using the samples for hair because its the only time in my life I actually use the recommended amount of product. Usually its just me going nuts with product in my hair.

Ok so when opening the shampoo it smelt so much like my moisturiser – which I wasn’t mad at. I love the smell. So washing my hair with the sample it did go a long way I’ll give it that but after I rinsed the shampoo out my hair felt a little dry. Which did concern me because all I thought was “oh shit did this do something to my hair”. I did have a little stress out but I didn’t want to completely freak out because I hadn’t conditioned it yet. The conditioner didn’t have much smell to it compared to the shampoo but it was good that a small amount went a long way. It felt ok when I rinsed the conditioner out. It didn’t feel AMAZING like my hair had been reborn and was baby smooth. It didn’t feel disgusting.

After letting it air dry and putting heat protector in I straightened my hair. Because when my hair dries naturally or with a blow dryer it resembles an electrocuted sheep. Im never really able to get a proper idea on how my hair looks until I’ve at least straightened or styled it (I inherited hair from my mums side – their hair is a like wool). After I straightened it I could see a difference. My hair was smooth and all of the fly waves had gone down significantly, it was shiny. I basically was in one of those situations when people go “have you had you hair done it looks good” and you turn around and say “nope just washed it”. It was that good. I am thinking about maybe getting this down the track but unfortunately before trying this out I did order some new shampoo to try out ( Ill most likely share that experience) so there might be a little wait. These were good, give them a go and definitely try out their other products OH THEY ARE SO GOOD!!

Might I add that my hair is short so these samples were perfect for my hair but if you have longer, thicker hair trying out samples for your hair might not be the best way to go.

Of course there are many many more samples I have stashed away but I’ll give my skin a bit of a rest for now. I really don’t want to get into an argument with my hair/skin at this point in time with being isolated in the house. My daughter and I are staying home for some time to avoid getting the virus. Its too risky with both of us having a history of getting horribly sick and with all of the idiots that are still not following the simple instructions that the government has introduced I don’t want to risk it. Out of all honesty this is the last time I will talk about that virus, this whole situation stresses me out and angered me that people are being so fucking dumb with it. So from now on I won’t mention it in any posts because really we all need an escape. I went a bit too serious there sorry about that.

IM OUT!!!!


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