Making Scrunchies

It’s no secret sewing is not my strong point. To my mums disgust it’s never been my strong point. Its bad for her being a person who could whip up clothes on demand no questions asked and me who impaled her thumb with a sewing machine needle (seriously I did that – hurt like a bitch!). So I thought well I might as well try to expand my horizon sewing again, without her looking over my shoulder. So I will be doing this all by myself, like a grown up.

So I looked up easy instructions on how to make your own hair scrunchies. It’s seems pretty easy enough and my machine was already set up ready to go (my mum set it up last visit and I haven’t touched it since). Since everyone was doing their own activities- husband nerding our on Fortnite and spawn watching a Barbie movie. I thought this time was no better time to give this a little whirl. So I picked out some tea cup patterned material that was kinda stiff so it could be a bit easier to cut out within the measurements according to my very vague instructions. After I cut out my material I ironed it and folded it in half (inside out) then ironed again. Now it was nice and crisp so it should be easy to sew on the sewing machine.

So what the instructions said was to sew into a kind of tube leaving a little pace at the end to put it right side out. I did that and did it slowly so I could make sure I still had some sort of control over the machine. When I had finished sewing the tube I was pretty impressed that it was a fairly straight line…….until I flipped it over and saw a big chunk of sticking in the middle. Yep it didn’t take much for me to bail on my quest to being an adult that can sew, I FaceTimed my mum to find out what the fuck happened. She did say it could have been a bit of cotton got caught while doing it but it wasn’t anything to worry about since it was the inside and the stitching looked alright other than that.

Now came to flipping the tube rightsize out (by this point my mum stayed on FaceTime to make sure if I have an questions she’s right there). Once the tube was right side out and yeah the tube looked ok I couldn’t see any evidence of that little cluster of stitching. Now time to feed the elastic through the tube and then join together. My mum suggested I sew the elastic to either ends of the tube then bring them together to make life a lot easier for me. Did that no issues. Then came the moment of truth, bringing the ends to gather to make the final product. I got to try out a zig zag stitch on the machine (which was pretty different) and it was done no issues. So I thought. I was examining my creation and pretty proud of myself……..until I flipped the scrunchie over to discover the shitty tangle of stitching behind it. FUCK!!!

The scrunchies itself wasn’t of course totally amazing quality but it was a good start and didn’t fall apart. But the fact it had these shitty stitching at the back I couldn’t go past it. After showing my mum the results she said it could have been the bottom thread that could have come out. So we went on a hunt trying to get the “thread back in the bobbin” whatever the fuck that means. After about 20 minutes of us trying to fix this issue we both gave up. She told me to check out some Youtube tutorials to put all the cotton back into the machine and if things still are going shit it could be it needs to be fixed. I packed it up after I hung up. I haven’t included the instructions to this DIY mainly because Id want to know if these instructions would work before I share them with the world.

Needless to say this was a total FAIL. My poor mother on FaceTime trying to figure out how to fix my machine while my dopey ass was going “yeah the little cotton thingy?”. I may need to wait until this quarantine is over before I can be trusted to see anything with a sewing machine….

IM OUT!!!!


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