Home Makeover Sessions 2020: The Little Things

So starting off I’m not specifically changing up one room. It’s a lot more like updating a few small things around the house that can make a world of difference. So I added a few things here that really make a big change from one small thing. I’ve also added the store and price if you want to maybe get the item yourself.

A NEW DOOR MAT: our hallway is all tiles from the front door. With the exception of the small carpet section at the door which I’m guessing is to wipe feet (which is strange because it’s the same carpet as in the bedrooms) . This house has a few weird things in it’s set up. Anyway I wanted to add a doormat at the front door so people could wipe their feet on the mat instead of the little piece of carpet- that by the way honestly did fuck all. So I had a little look on a few homewares and furniture sites and came across this lovely mat. So far everyone who has seen it approves and find it a little funny. Its funny but not offensive – I was trying to be offensive but apparently its off-putting to company.


SMALL STORAGE CONTAINERS : I thought it was a good idea to re-use old jars (jam, Pasta, coffee etc) as canisters for our toothbrushes, straws, jewellery storage and random shit. Being environmentally friendly by re-using them and not tossing. Well after a few years they do start to age and it did start to make my house look a but trashy. So the jars got given a new home an use in my office and I bought some canisters from Kmart. Depending on the size you get, but I spend between $3-$9. I just got simple white with embossed details on them and they make a world of difference when you look in the benches. I also bought these boxes that look like old books for a bit of small item storage. Plus since my bed has shelves on the bed head they look good neatly placed on the shelf. They were from a small store in the mall (these I bought MONTHS ago well before everything went nuts) I can’t remember the name but Im sure you can find some online.

NEW BEDDING: I have been wanting to buy some for ages I had actually been putting money away for a while in anticipation for buying these. Now I did splurge with these I admit it. I usually buy my bedding from Target and Im always happy but I wanted to be a little bougie and spend a bit more on some from ADAIRS. For those of you that aren’t familiar with Adairs its a bedding and homewares store thats pretty pricey, BUT everything they have in store just looks and feels so amazing and makes you want to just lounge around all day in bed and on the couch. Basically everything they sell in the store looks like items taken from a Pinterest photo. But I wanted to change up my bedrooms look and I just wanted to keep it simple. Plus it helped that they have a sale on so I jumped on that shit!

BLANKET BASKET: We have a blanket we keep in our lounge room for when its a bit colder and we just want to get snuggly on the couch (also so we don’t have to use our central heating as much). So the blanket lived on the couch for a while kist of as a decoration but whenever anyone sat on the couch it seemed to annoy them and they’d move it so it would always look messy. I did try storing it in the corner in a square wicker basket (Technically i think its a drawer that goes in those cube shelves) but it was a bit big for the basket and would just hang over. So it would look messy. I then was in TkMAXX – thats the Australian version of TjMaXX (again this was bought a while before shit went down). I saw this large basket for $24 and it was the perfect size for the blanket and it sits in well with the room.

So here are a few small things I got to try change up the house and change the feel of it. All of this stuff was purchased over a few weeks/ months so I didn’t go ape shit and buy heaps for house stuff in one go. But yes all of these things are just examples for changing up the house to give it a new improved look. Because I had saved up for these little makeovers I thought until things calm down and we see a light at the end of the tunnel I put my makeover savings in with my regular savings as a just in case – not that we have anything to worry about at the moment but its just as a backup. So there will be only one more makeover sessions post after this for a while and thats the nursery. After that it will just be see how we go.



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