Four Year Old Gives Me a Makeover

So being stuck in the house with my 4 year old housemate is becoming challenging when it comes to keeping her amused. We read, draw bake (so much baking), watch movies, play with toys, the list goes on. But like me we both need something to break up the days you know like leaving the house to get away from each other. So right now we are both feeling like contestants in BIG BROTHER. Isolated, irritated with each other and given daily tasks to be completed. The only issue is I can’t vote her out of the house…….well I can but it would be frowned upon. So anyway I thought why not give her a new creative project, one that she will without a doubt enjoy (I most likely will regret).

I will let her give me a makeover…..

Now with this I will let her have free range over my hair and makeup products (apart from anything that will burn her- like my electric hair tools). But she will be able to do as she pleases to my hair and face. Oh did I mention she will be using ALL of my makeup and hair products, NOT the shit stuff I don’t care if it gets ruined all of it. So she can just go nuts and be as nice or as mean as she wants. But before I get onto the makeover I’ll share a little info about my hair and makeup artist….

MEET MORGAN (the spawn)

This little lady is 4 (5 on the 21st) loves makeup and all things glam. She will tell you if you look fabulous or not. She’s brutal. She loves all things Disney and loves to bake. If you tell her not to wear a tutu/dress/shirt expect a retaliation.

Make Over Time!!!

So I tried to make her life a little easier with my hair by brushing and straightening it, because its a fuzzy mess when left unattended. All she did was push it back a bit then goes “lovely” nothing else. This service provided false advertising with both hair and makeup being done. So she began my delightful makeup look. She picked out the colours for me and we worked from there, she did use a mixture of her fingers and a paint brush to apply the makeup so that was interesting. So here is my play by play of my makeover…

I’d say my final look was very cat-fight-chick, the look women like to rock on the day where they want to look like they have been punching on with someone. This was an experience and made me look like mother of the year to her, finally letting her jam makeup on my face. I would have liked a bit of foundation or concealer on my facet but nope she just wanted to give me the sparkle. I did rock this the whole day so the husband did get a shock when he got home that night. On YELP this makeup artist gets 5 stars for customer service but 3 stars for technique only because she was stabbing my eye balls throughout. This was just a little fun and she enjoyed doing something nice for me in preparation for Mothers Day which is creeping up. She’s been talking about it non stop because she witnessed what was bought online for me and so badly wants to tell me.

IM OUT!!!!


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