Cutting My Own Fringe

Well self isolation has finally got to me. I finally did something really dumb. NO I didn’t start posting TIKTOK videos. I gave myself a quarantine haircut. Correction a fringe haircut – sorry as entertaining as it may be of me no doubt fucking up my hair with a pair of scissors I just stuck to the fringe. So with staying at home for well over a month has been a bit of a struggle. No not staying at home itself, put I ddi that pretty much any way before all this shit went down- with he exception of leaving to go shopping, exercise and see people every now and then. No staying at home non stop has not been a struggle……..being at home heavily pregnant, sober and with a 4 year old that you’d think lives on sugar and caffeine with her endless energy. Thats the struggle! So anyway I did notice a few weeks ago in photos my hair looking a bit questionable with my fringe getting a little out of control, it needed a trim.

I actually was due for a colour and cut the few days before everything closed down. But with the Australian Government not making up their minds about hair salons, one day they have to close the other 30 minute sessions only the next, I decided it would be best just to not get my hair done. It many was a decision for my health too last thing I wanted was to get sick because of my vanity and getting a haircut/colour. My hair at the moment I like to say is Ombre/Balyage, so people thing my look is intentional. So I thought Id trim my fringe myself because worst case scenario will be it looks crap and I can just pin it back until it grows a bit more decent length or sweep it to the side. Either way I just had to know if it would work.



So hair is freshly washed. I didn’t dry it because it would have been even more difficult for me to cut. I have naturally sheepy hair – it fuzzy like sheep wool. I parted my hair the way I normally do and brushed forward my fringe.



So I started by sectioning off my hair to try avoid having any traumatic fuckup. Good god I need to tint my brows looking at this photo. I know this isn’t really the technical way hairdressers do it, well none that have done my hair in the past but I have to do what would feel easier for me.



WHOA BUNG EYES!!! What the fuck is going on with my eyes. So I did the first snip and it was a little long because I have seen to many online fails when girls get too excited and cut of wayyyy too much hair in one go. I did cut this section a bit blunt but that was just the first snip the next few I did was with the scissors facing upwards so it wasn’t to blunt.



By this point my fringe started to dry from the heater so I did a little straighten to try to see if it would still make it manageable to cut. See its not blunt and more blended, I did make the side sections go longer gradually. Part of me wishes I was going through the Goth/Emo/Punk stage and just hack at my hair and call it a day. This was still a bit too long so I did have to trim more off.



I thought I cut off way more than I did and it STILL was too long!! I was so paranoid about fucking this up that I gave myself the longest fringe. I kinda look like in from the wrong decade here……maybe belongs in the 70s. OK time to stop being a wimp and trim this properly so I can you know, see. I did end up leaving it here because overtime I got close to cutting I panicked.



Okie dokie. So after leaving my fringe as it was and trying to convince myself it didn’t need to go any shorter, I lost it one day while trying to clean and gave bit the old snip. This time I didn’t wimp out. Well at first I did a little and the results looked like the early 2000 fringe. You know the one that was just over your eyes, blunt and straightened flat. Yeah it looked shit so I pressed on and straightened the final product. I did end up kind of making it a side fringe after a bit of contemplation it did look like a child. Yes Im looking away in the photo apparently thats how you make photos look artsy.

So this wasn’t a total fail. My fringe is somewhat presentable. If any professionals are reading this and cringing Im sorry we are in times where we gotta do what we gotta do. Just be grateful I haven’t bought out the bleach to freshen up the colour – oh god that would be a hilarious fail though. People who bleach their hair at home have a high high change of fucking it up and providing the world with a very entertaining video to watch (they always capture their fuckup on camera) . Anyhoo part of me is tempted to cut the rest of my hair since I saw a Youtube tutorial showing how to do it yourself – damn you! Brad Mondo your making me feel too confident I can’t screw up my hair.



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