Trying out ALL of my Samples – Take 3

Well here we are again!!! Giving more samples a whirl. I told you guys there would be more, I have delivered. Out of all honesty I will never be done presenting my many many samples I keep buying beauty products online so there will be endless samples. So lets do this thing!!!

BARE MINERALS: Lashtopia Mascara

So I’ve tried Bare Minerals products before and it’s always been a bit of a mixed result for me. So I absolutely love the serum they have, it’s actually apart of my daily routine. But I have tried some makeup/ skincare that didn’t sit well with me so I was a bit skeptical with this mascara. It could go either way.

So I did try this with a full face of makeup, at the moment I want any excuse to rock a full face of makeup. When pulling the wand out I found that there was so much product on it and it was pretty chunky. I did scrape the product a bit off the want to apply it and I found that it was pretty weird when applying because I knew there was a lot of product on the wand still it felt like this was a bit difficult to put on. As if it was black gel that needed a few goes to get the colour on the lashes. I felt this went from super chunky to nothing really. I found that for a brand name mascara it felt pretty cheap as if I bought a no name brand from one of those sketchy $2.

When I finally got the mascara on the end result wasn’t too spectacular. The only way to describe it is it looked like one of those two step mascaras that give you big lashes. You know the ones with a gel you put on first then you use a microfibre one on the second to make your lashes look big and long (apparently) but it just looks like a chunky mess. I didn’t want to give this a second chance to be honest as soon as I was done I threw the sample out. It is a little disappointing because some of the Bare minerals products are actually really good. Im not fully condemning this product as if I do happen to get a sample again Ill give it a try just in case I had happened to get a dud sample. But the sample I did get hasn’t made me want to run out and buy the full sized item.

TARTE: Quench Hydrating Primer

So with my experience with Tarte Ive found that pretty much every product that I have tried so far is pretty good. I always am willing to give new things a go with this brand. This sample actually came with another sample which was some foundation that I already own so I just wanted to try the primer in this case. Im actually looking for a new primer so this was the perfect opportunity.

So putting this on its smelt alright it wasn’t overly scented which was good because Ive tried some primers that had a funky smell to them and it kind of put me off a little. After I applied and was getting ready to put my foundation on my face started to lightly burn. Sorry thats the only way I can really describe it. It wasn’t painful that it made my skin break out and go red or have to immediately wash it off of my face. Id say it was more like an “OH OK AHH WHATS THIS” moment. I wasn’t in any discomfort so I just put on my foundation to see if the feeling would disappear or if it didn’t wipe that shit off. As soon as I put makeup on it did go away which I figured it could just be the primer or my skin just getting a little shock from a new primer since I have been using the same one for a while now.

Apart from the tingling/ slight burning feeling the primer soaked in quickly and was very easy to apply. As for my makeup I did like how well it kept it in place and I was pretty impressed with everything working well with it and how smooth my skin looked. As for the hydrating aspect of this primer I will say it held up its end of the bargain and my sin was hydrated throughout the busy day of walking around the house and the hectic lifestyle of walking from my bed to my home office. I was impressed with this, but like I mentioned Tarte to me haven’t really done any wrong (yet) when it comes to me trying out their products. I will buy a travel size of this primer before I commit to the full size only to make sure 100% that it does work well with my skin. Fingers crossed.

GLOW RECIPE: Watermelon Glow Sleeping Mask

Im not going to lie here guys this sample reeled me in purely because of the cute watermelon packaging. I have heard of this brand but stupid me hasn’t really done too much research into the product…….UNTIL NOW!!! I looked online and the price it isn’t too bad for a jar of this mask its $35 – $72 depending on the size you get. It is a bit more in price but after just using the sample I found that a little bit of this stuff goes a long way. With looking at the reviews swell the price does work out to be decent because the product can last a while.

So anyway back to the sample,I was a bit worried about using a sleeping mask since Ive never really used one before. Probably the closest Ive been I a drying solution on pimples, but thats not my whole face its literally on the pimple and it dries really really quickly. So I was worried this wouldn’t dry and Id have pretty much most of the mask on my pillow and sheets or Id have to sleep a certain way to keep it on my face. Lets face it the position I’m in right now (person with alien creature inside me) my sleeping positions are very limited. But I just went for it, after washing and toning my face I put the mask on and it was a lot like a clear gel. I was expecting a more creamy mixture (thank god it wasn’t). Putting on the mask was no mess at all and it dried really quickly, not to mention it smelled so fucking amazing!

So I went to sleep with the dry mask on, honestly you’d have thought it was moisturiser/serum. In the morning when I woke up and washed my face, holy crap! I thought I was done with my search for the perfect face mask, I was wrong. My skin was so smooth and looked significantly better – it almost had a glow to it. Lucky for me I did have leftovers, which I kept to try the next night. So I gave it a second go and yep this mask was amazing with how my skin looked and felt the next day. It made me really feel myself with how great my skin looked, I mean it really took my skin to a new level. I’ve had these kind of little lumps under my skin like little zits that won’t budge and this mask smoothed them out. I will warn you that when you wake up you might notice random dry spots on your face, don’t freak out it’s the mask.

So there are many many samples Im getting through right now so you will see more posts like this. I don’t honestly know why I have never done this before, trying out samples that is. I mean I sometimes on the odd occasion try a sample here and there but Ive just mainly let them pile up in my bathroom with the “One day I’ll try this out” approach. Sure I have some hits and some misses with these samples but honestly thats all the fun of it. Stay tuned for more samples testing kids and if you want to check out my previous samples adventures Ive included the links below.

IM OUT!!!!!

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Trying out ALL of my Samples


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