Trying out ALL of my Samples – Take 4

Trying out samples again whaaaaat. Yes another week another bunch of samples to give a try. Originally I was going to post this a bit later but what was going to be tried this week has been delayed in the mail so that has been postponed. Anyway like Ive mentioned a few times there will be many many posts with me trying out my samples, but hopefully they will be a bit more spaced out.

LIVING PROOF: Perfect Hair Day Weightless Mask

Living Proof has been a brand Ive wanted to try for a while now but was too paranoid to buy. Thank god I got this sample. I was a bit worried about spending money on a hair product that could mess up my hair. Ive heard mixed things from people and the people have said good things generally don’t have hair thats as high maintenance compared to mine. So this sample first off is a pretty decent sized samples its almost a travel sized treatment. Fortunately for me having short hair it worked out to be just the right amount to put on my hair to see if it worked.

So it was nice an easy and I didn’t have to put the mask in for some ridiculous amount of time. Im sorry but I hate when I get hair masks that you put in your wet hair and have to leave in for 30 minutes – hour. Honestly the only one that I am fine with leaving in for a long period of time is Olaplaex because I know the longer I leave it in the better the results. So with this mask you put it through your hair right after washing and leave it in for up to 5 minutes. I was fine with that because it happen to be a cold morning and I didn’t want to get out of the warm toasty shower. The product covered my hair fine and didn’t have a disgusting chemical smell to it. After the 5 minutes were up I rinsed my hair and dried it.

So as far as this treatment goes it was pretty good. My hair did feel a lot more smooth, hydrated and I didn’t have any flyways. It looked like I had been to the hairdressers and had a little treatment done. I did like how I didn’t need to straighten my hair in order to see any real results I just blow dried it and I could tell. When my hair has reached the healthy level I want it to get I will buy this treatment and possibly try out some of the other products they have to offer.

EVE LOM : Time Retreat

This brand I had absolutely no idea about, I had never seen it or heard of it. If this is your favourite brand sorry I had never heard of it. So looking at this vile of serum I don’t know what it is about it but it reminded me of my mums collection of perfume samples she kept in the fridge back in the 90s. So I was thinking “oh god I’m putting that crap on my face” – I seriously don’t know why it came to mind and got stuck in my head but I just pushed through it.

So for a small amount of product it did go a long way I actually used this over a few days morning and night. So I used this serum after cleaning my face like I said both in the AM and PM. Serums I find are tricky with me(like moisturisers) when they are applied and they either don’t seem to dry and soak into the skin. So you feel oily for most of the day and look it too. This serum I did like how it didn’t apply greasy to my skin and felt light weight. It also soaked in very quickly but not to the point that it felt like I was literally wearing nothing and my skin felt just as dry as it did before.

So according to the product description this serum gives you ” More radiant, hydrated and glowing skin with this sublime essence, formulated with nine hyper-active, anti-aging ingredients.” Ok so whenever I see anything that says anti ageing or along the lines of that it makes me laugh a bit because I have tried so many products that will apparently make me look youthful and Ive come to realise the only thing that worked for me was BOTOX. Not saying that they don’t work for people they just have never worked for me. But anyway with this serum I woke up the next day and my skins overall appearance looked significantly better with me looking less like I peeled myself from the gutter after a massive night out. My skin feels softer and hydrated and you can tell by looking at it, part of me wants to put on makeup because it would just sit so well but the other part of me just can’t be fucked. I did look up this product just to see if maybe I could add it to my skin care routine. Probably not its $152 AUD from MECCA and my skincare routine is already fairly expensive as it is (I have a problem).


This was another brand I wasn’t really familiar with, maybe its a newer brand to the store I’m not sure. So first of all this mask sample didn’t have any instructions at all on the back on what you needed to do, which I thought was strange because your promoting this mask and you don’t have the instructions on what to do. So I did have to look it up on the MECCA site. So what this mask does is “Designed to leave your complexion feeling soft and hydrated, this powerful face mask contains extracts of aloe vera and chamomile to supply intensive moisture and calm the skin” . So I managed to get some information that could have been on it swell as what to do.

So what I had to do was apply mask after cleansing face and leave for 10-15 minutes then wash off. The mask was a creamy texture it looked a lot like I was applying moisturiser or sunscreen to my face. As I was applying it to my face my face started to sting/burn. I mean I hadn’t even finished applying it to my whole face and this was happening! I did let it sit for a bit and the sting/burning sensation did calm down. I didn’t keep it on for the whole 10 minutes I had originally planned I actually removed it close to 5minutes. Fortunately my face didn’t go red and blotchy from the mask and it did feel smoother and the few baby zits I had on my face had reduced in size. So it was a win.

Would I ever buy this mask? Im not too sure. I didn’t like the fact this mask did react to my skin the way it ddi when applying, as happy I was with the results though I didn’t like the fact its burnt at some point. I did look up reviews of this product and found that a few other women/ men also had the same issue as me but in some cases did end up with blotchy skin or breakouts afterwards. Im not saying don’t try this out, remember everyones skin is different and reacts differently to products. But I’m still on the fence about this.

So there we go kids another samples testing adventure. Like I did mention this post wasn’t originally for this week but due to mail delays it was pushed forward. Thats why there isn’t too may samples tested out. Don’t worry June will have me trying out plenty more of my samples.

IM OUT!!!!


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