Time to NAIL IT!!

So with being at home non stop for many weeks, I’ve been on a constant cleaning mission and haven’t bothered painting my nails. I just didn’t want to paint them then clean the floor only to chip them then crack the shits because my nails looked like crap. So I avoided painting them. It wasn’t until recently for my spawns 5th birthday I purchased her some nail polish nail wraps because she loves to have her nails filled up. I went on a bit of a search for decent nail wrap that looked like nail polish, was for kids and lasted. I came across PERSONAIL, an Australian based nail wraps online store that’s sold adult and kids nail wraps.

So I know nail wraps aren’t new at all I actually used to wear them years ago, but Ive noticed that they are starting to be harder and harder to find. So anyhoo I bought the spawn the wraps and they were a hit with her! They had some unicorn design available which was perfect for her. They only lasted a day with her though, not due to the poor quality or anything like that but due to the fact she thought she had to remove them for some reason. But I did want to buy some for myself. In the store they have plain colours, glitter and pattern wraps so really suited for all types of looks. I bought two plain colours to try just because Im not trying to go all out glam here. With the delivery obviously mail still is a bit unpredictable due to good old corona but it was only by a few days, so not too bad. So in the pack you get 16 nail wraps/strips, cuticle pusher, nail file and instructions on how to apply on the back.


  1. Start off with clean, dry nails. Buff nail surface with buffer then select appropriate sticker size.
  2. Remove clear protective layer, hold silver panel and peel away from back paper.
  3. Position sticker on nail holding the silver tab.
  4. Press firmly to smooth over nail surface. File downwards to remove excess.
  5. YOU’RE DONE!!!!
  6. OPTIONAL: apply a clear top coat for longer lasting results.

Applying these was really easy and I was pretty happy with the fact I managed to match up each sticker to the right nail. I will say though that when it came to filing the wrap it didn’t give it an entirely clan finish but fortunately for me I did have to trim my nails as well so I used the nail clippers to trim down the wrap for the clean finish I wanted.

So this post was originally meant to be posted last week but did have a week of feeling like crap due to the end of my pregnancy (kid wants to be a super asshole since it’s the last week before my due date). Needless to say this is a bit late, sorry about that. Anyway these nail wraps are good as a quick nail makeover with no mess. Putting the layer of clear nail polish did help make me put my mind at ease with worrying my nail polish would chip or peel off (I always add clear on top when I paint my nails). So these do last, I’ve worn them and done everything as per usual: cleaning, crafts, regularly shaving in anticipation for pushing out a baby etc. I didn’t have any chips or the wraps peeling at at. Although these are meant to last 10 days I would really want to keep them on that long, its a lot like when you have acrylic/gel nails that after a while they start to look a little manky and weird with the nails growing. I did keep these on for a week and then removed them only because I could see the nail had grown and it just kept weirding me out.

I have purchased more of these for when I want to pamper myself or I am trying to make something of myself. So with the price of these sure it does cost $18 AUD, but they do last and honestly I have spend more on getting my nails done at a salon only for it to have gone to shit by the next day. So these nail wraps NAILED IT! (what is wrong with me). Of course If added the link below for you all to check out.


IM OUT!!!!!


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