Now that brush is HOT!

For finally paying off a massive loan from a holiday years ago, I decided to reward myself with a GHD Glide Professional Hot Brush. This hot brush I have wanted for a while now, I wanted to buy it when it first came out a while ago but it sold out really quickly so I decided maybe wait until I have a reason to reward myself with it. So the reason I wanted to get one of these brushes was it came across to me as a great time saver in the morning when it came to making me look a lot less like a crazy fluffy haired woman. I do tend to straighten my hair to neaten it and make it look a lot more manageable, but I wanted to use the straightener a bit less in order to keep my hair healthy.

The reviews for this have been mixed, with people complaining that it didn’t really straighten their hair or it didn’t work to well with their thickness of hair. For starters I didn’t want this to straighten my hair and its never said in any description on any websites that stocked it that it was a hair straightener, its more of a brush that can give you kind of a blow out look at home. Originally I was going to buy this brush from the GHD site but I saw that it was available at MECCA and I needed some other items so I thought why the hell not do a big purchase.

According to the product description on the MECCA website: “Built with ceramic technology which ensures the brush is uniformly heated to 185°C. Ionisers restore balance and reduce frizz, ensuring the hair is left perfectly tamed and healthy. The combination of long and short bristles help style hair quicker, ensuring you always leave in the morning with salon smooth hair”.

So when the brush came in the mail I could not wait to try the bad boy out. I of course tried it on dry clean hair (with heat protector sprayed used as well). I tried it first by treating it as I would when straightening my hair, putting my hair in sections and straightening the sections. Another way I did was kind of lazy quick brush through with the hot brush to see on the days I’m not in the mood to section off my hair and just want to quickly make my hair a little less feral. Both time I found the brush really effective with de-fluffing my sheep wool type hair (especially when dried after being washed) and it made it look like Ive just had it blow dried at the hairdressers. Not overly straight but looks presentable and fresh. One small thing is make sure your hair is brushed before you use this I tried to brush through my knotty hair with this brush and it didn’t really go down well. Also this brush doesn’t work on wet hair, I know there are some brushes out on the market that double up as a hairdryer, but this would fry the shit out of your hair if you tried to use it with wet hair.

Im not going to lie this brush isn’t cheap, its $230 AUD. GHD products are known to cost a bit more but in my experience I find they are worth the money – plus they do have a warranty that comes with it. This was a good brush to smooth out your hair so it does save time in the mornings. it does flatten your hair like a straightener would but it does make your hair look like you have been to a salon and had your hair washed, dried and styled. I found it gave a more natural straight look. I did like how it did make my hair look a lot smoother with a lot less frizz and it didn’t need any serum to flatten the flyways. I have been using this everyday since getting it and it for sure is worth the money. I haven’t used my straightener at all all of the minor touch ups on my hair to make myself more presentable Ive done with the brush. Check out the brushoff the GHD website on the link below.

IM OUT!!!!!!


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