The Holy Yellow Tube???

I came across BANGN BODY all over social media while knocked up. I wasn’t 100% sold on the item because of all of the hype it was getting from all of the advertisements and I’ve been fooled before. But it didn’t completely keep me turned off of them because the Social media advertisers must have known I was vulnerable in my appearance and hounded me with these ads (among others to improve my appearance). Bastards! With a little investigation on the Bangn Body website:

“Our Yellow Tube of Goodness is loved by thousands! This lightweight, creamy and fast absorbing Firming Lotion for the face and body boasts many skin benefits: Reduces the appearance of redness, bumps, and breakouts due to the anti-inflammatory properties of our Australian Green Coffee Bean ExtractIncrease skin circulation, collagen production and blood flow which aids in the reduction of cellulite, stretch marks and scarring Brightens and hydrates the skin and acts as a moisture magnet Works to firm and tighten the skin Aids the fight of free radical damage and slows down the ageing process Rich in shea butter, pineapple fruit oil and green coffee bean extract from Byron Bay, our Firming Lotion rebuilds elasticity and works to renews skin cells, leaving you with a smooth, soft and glowing complexion.” BANGN BODY website.

Well this suckered me in! I originally planned to just use this for my body but due to spawn number one deciding to play science experiment one night and trash my moisturiser (THATS CURRENTLY SOLD OUT). I was desperate with my dry skin and fortunately this was a lotion I could use on my body AND face.

USING IT ON MY FACE: This was a shock usually when using a moisturiser that’s mainly intended for the body, it causes breakouts or just feels heavy on my face. As if I’ve put on multiple layers. But this, actually felt great and I really noticed a significant change to my skin. A lot of my scars from pimples past had gone down and some disappeared completely and the overall appearance of my skin was more even. It was great with hydration as well, my skin was so dry and it just helped so much. The only fault I’ll give is that when I put it on my face, my face would go red. I could tell it was from the cream because the redness would only be where I obviously rubbed the cream in, of course it would eventually go down. But it was a bit of a pain in the ass having a red/pink face for a bit.

USING IT ON MY BODY: I did love how quickly this would soak into my skin, with body moisturisers I hate when I feel like I have to stand around naked waiting for the lotion to soak in before I can get dressed. I used this on my stomach (bump) and sides while knocked up. I wanted to keep my gut stripe free as much as I could and I put it on my sides from my stretch marks as a kid to make sure they didn’t become a staring attraction on my body. By putting it in my gut during and after pregnancy my stomach skin had stayed hydrated, smooth and stretch mark free. My skin looked healthy so I moved on to putting it on my thighs for some minor cellulite. My thighs cellulite isn’t too dramatic compared to other people’s I’ve seen. But it’s something I notice. On my thighs the cellulite had reduced significantly but not entirely, it’s gone to only being visible in certain unflattering lighting. With my whole body it did take a bit longer to see real noticeable results, body skin is thicker than face so I figured it would. But I’m pretty happy with the results.

This cream did live up to the hype for me, I was really happy that this wasn’t just overpriced crap that did nothing or made my skin look worse. The tube is $48 AUD, which for the results isn’t too bad. BANGN BODY also have other products available other than this tube of goodness. Of course I included the website to check out for yourself.



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