Cakes with a little extra

As apart of a thank you to my mum I decided to make her a little something for her to enjoy. I figured since she likes cakes and I know she loves her Rosè, I could combine the two for her to enjoy with a coffee. Of course these will be delivered to her doorstep. Let’s hope she doesn’t have any underage doorstep package bandits.

Lucky for me I had a cake mix handy and didn’t have to make it from scratch. Fuck that shit I don’t have time for that! I used a Rainbow Chip Cake Mix from Betty Crocker, instead of making a big cake I just made her cupcakes that way it was less chance of a complete fuck up while baking. Also I find a lot of people prefer cupcakes over cakes anyway. With making the cupcakes it was fairly simple just add cake mix with 3 eggs, vegetable oil (it originally was for butter but you can substitute- the box told me I could) and the wine. The mix asked for 2/3 cup of milk but I substituted it for the wine. I put just under half of the mixture in the cupcake pans, I learnt never to fill up the pans from A previous mistake (yep I had cake overflowing to the bottom of my oven). The pack said for the cake bake for 50-55minutes. Since I was only making cupcakes it was a guessing game for me with checking on them it took about 25 minutes. I wanted to make sure these weren’t overcooked. Once they were done I pulled them out to cool.

The cake mix did come with a sachet of ready made icing but I put it aside to make my own. This icing recipe Ive used many times and overtime its been a hit.


125g Butter softened

2tbls Rosè

4 Cups Icing Sugar

Drops of Food Colouring

  1. Beat Butter and slowly add icing sugar until crumbly
  2. Slowly add wine until smooth consistency (you can add more wine if needed) and add a few drops of food colouring until desired colour
  3. Once smooth and light but still firm enough to pipe onto cupcake, put in piping bag and apply to cupcake.

I did go into this feeling super confident, the cupcakes were baked perfectly and the icing Ive done many many times. What could go wrong? Well when making the icing I started to notice that it wasn’t going to the nice smooth consistency it would usually go. It started to look a little separated. I tried again. NOPE! My easy icing was slowly becoming my downfall. It tasted fine but looked like shit. I ended up just going with what I had made I mean it still tasted ok so that was the important thing. I piped up the cupcakes and delivered them to my parents doorstep.

So according to my mum, dad and brother the cupcakes were great (they even liked the ugly icing). A second doorstep cupcake delivery was made for them- lucky I made heaps. I did keep some for myself and the husband to try and I was happy with the taste, the cupcake itself I was really happy with how it turned out. The cupcake wasn’t a fail at all it was baked perfectly the icing despite it separating still tasted sweet and the Rosè didn’t hit you in the face, it was nice and subtle but not to the point were you have to search for the wine taste. It just kept bothering me with how the damn icing looked like crap. I still have heaps on Rosè left in the bottle so I could either try again, bake something or save it for when I want a mimosa…….not sure yet.



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