Espresso Martini in a Can

This little bad boy was send to me as a little gift when signing up to something. I’ve had it for a few months and it’s just been sitting in my fridge staring at me just wanting to be consumed. I like the idea of just one single cocktail as a cheers to myself. The Espresso Martini is the perfect choice for me since it gives me a little caffeine boost as-well as a bit of a buzz. This can is so little, it’s adorable! I’m seriously weird with small cans they always take me back to when you’d order a can in a flight and you’d get a small can. This of course is a much smaller can but I’m pretty glad it’s not a massive bottle/can. Too much coffee and alcohol, that’s just asking for a trip to the toilet.

Before drinking or even opening the can I had to give the can a bit of shake and let it sit for a minute. Then it came time to enjoy it. Now I understand why this was in such a small can, that bitch was strong! It was tasty but my god you could taste the vodka. After a few sips I did try to dilute it (whimp) with a few drops of milk just so I didn’t feel like a cruel friend had make me a cocktail with the glass full of alcohol and a drop on non alcoholic liquid. Even with the milk it was still a very strong drink. It wasn’t a horrible taste but you definitely could taste the alcohol.

This wasn’t a bad espresso martini but like I said it was strong. I find usually with pre-mixed cocktails they can be either really strong (strong alcohol taste) or be weak to the point you’d swear your just drinking soft drink/juice (and is really really sweet). I am on a bit of a search for a ready to drink espresso martini so trying this was a good start, I did look up this brand online and noticed they do have other cocktails in a can which look interesting. Come on! I have to try them out!



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