Trying out ALL of my Samples – Take 5

Guess what kids. Its that time again. Time to try out more of my samples! I wasn’t kidding when I said I had a lot of samples. Ive been making many purchases in my time stuck in the house and having late nights so the samples supply doesn’t seem to be dropping anytime soon….

NUFACE: Prep-N-Glow

I saw this an I’m not going to lie I did feel a bit of panic with it. Yep I’m dramatic. I always get a bit worried with face cloths/ makeup remover cloths, only because I’ve known people who have used wipes like these (not this brand) and have had horrible allergic reactions. Swelling, urgent hospital trip reactions and they don’t have sensitive skin at all. So I do get a wee bit paranoid. But then I do what I usually do and say “fuck it” and jump right in. So according to this packaging this is meant to cleanse, exfoliate and hydrate. With the smooth side to remove the makeup. The cloth itself didn’t really have any scent to it and wasn’t really drenched in that much liquid like I would have thought it would have. I personally thought it was going to be absolutely drenched in liquid like the cloth face masks you can buy. I was lightly dampened more like a makeup wipe or baby wipe.

This wipe was actually surprisingly good. I had just cleaned my makeup off to use this, I thought my face was clean and completely makeup free. Wrong. When using the exfoliating wipe it cleaned up makeup that I didn’t even know was on my face. The exfoliating side did feel rough and a little aggressive while using it but saying that it did make my skin feel extra clean afterwards. I was a little worried with the exfoliating side, that it would dry out my skin but after giving my skin a wipe with the smooth side it did feel a bit more refreshed. I did this at night so when I woke up the next day I definitely saw a significant difference in my skin, it looked a lot clearer and the skin tone was a lot more even. This sample I was a bit hesitant to use at first but after giving it a whirl I am pleasantly surprised with the results. I was so happy that I’m actually looking at buying more of these wipes to bring into my night routine.

GO-TO: Fancy Face

I have seen this brand kicking around and have been tempted to give it a go. So this was something I thought would be perfect to try. Its and oil cleanser that “Replenish and moisturise your skin while you remove your makeup”. Perfect. I mean really you couldn’t ask for more. Ive never been really big on using oil on your face and Ive tried a lot of oil cleaners, even using coconut oil on my face (DON’T DO IT) Ive never been a big fan of it. But I’m open to trying an oil cleanser if it does do wonders.

Using oil to clean my face felt weird, it really felt like I had put cooking oil on my face. But I do use a serum to moisturise my skin and that has a consistency of oil but it doesn’t do anything negative to my skin. It did washout ok with wiping my face towel my skin didn’t feel particularly clean afterwards and strongly enough using this oil (it felt heavy on my face) that it didn’t hydrate my skin it actually did the opposite the next day I had patches on my cheeks dry as fuck. I did look up reviews on this product and saw a lot of people were praising it with the odd negative comment here and there – I honestly thought the positive would out weight the negative. I was pretty disappointed with this oil it didn’t do a bloody thing to help my skin it actually made it a lot worse.

CLINIQUE: Moisture Surge

Clinique is a brand that Ive tried here and there, Ive found some of the products alright but I never really think to go for them unless they literally are handed to me for I get a sample. Another reason I don’t really go for Clinique is the fact that its my mums favourite indulgence brand. The lady just isn’t into big brands like her bougie spawn. So this moisturiser is supposed to hydrate the skin for up to 72 hours and make the skin look plump and delay swell as hydrated.

I used this after using the Go-To oil cleanser fiasco. I figured this would be worth a try to see if it could repair the dry patches on my cheeks. I used this for about 4 days and a small amount goes a long way out of that small tube. The first day I thought that the moisturiser had a bit of a plastic smell to it but I’m guessing it just could have been from the lid or something because the next day it didn’t have the scent. After two days my dry patches were completely gone and after 4 days my skin just felt hydrated and smooth.The moisturiser itself is a bit of a gel texture than a cream and putting it on it didn’t feel too heavy on my skin as if its going to care a massive breakout. I was really pleasantly surprised with this moisturiser, my skin felt great in such a short amount of time and I would only apply it to my face in the morning after I cleaned my face.


With body lotions I tend to stock up on different ones. I never stick with the same one and never use anything else, certain lotions for particular moods. I have been using a few different ones lately so adding another one to my collection wouldn’t be the worst thing. Kai moisturiser is a lightweight lotion that’s fast drying and hydrating.

I did look up reviews beforehand just to do a bit of research. A lot of positive reviews and everyone was raving about the scent. When opening up the sample I was greeted with the strong smell. I don’t mind body lotions having a scent to them, it feels like I’m wearing a faint perfume. But this wasn’t something that appealed to me in the sniff department. It had a citrus scent to it but not a tropical sweet scent as described in reviews. Moving on from the smell. Using the lotion, it wasn’t greasy or oily and really did dry quickly. I did love how soft my skin felt with this but I just couldn’t get past the smell I’m not sure if it was just me or I had a funky smelling sample. Overall this was good apart from the smell.

Aaaaand there we go more samples tested out some were winners some were not. Not going to lie Im starting to scratch at the walls being stuck in my house with only being able to leave unless its essential or wishing 5km of my home. But we do what we have to do to get through this. Im just having a miserable feeling sorry for myself week, a bit of chocolate should help my situation.

IM OUT!!!!!


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