We’re Such a GOOD PAIR

I came across GOOD PAIR DAYS a while ago while searching for a gift for a friend. I liked the idea of trying out different wines and moving away from my same old brands. So GOOD PAIR DAYS is a monthly wine subscription box that is based on your personal preferences on taste.

Before setting up your subscription you fill in a small survey so Good Pair Days can determine what flavours you’d prefer in your wines and the actual wines that would tickle your fancy e.g red, white, sparkling or Rosè. I thought this was great that way to make sure that I actually got wine that I would want to try instead of getting a month with a box of wine that I had no interest in trying and having a build up in the pantry of untouched wines.

So I began my subscription very late into my pregnancy, just because I wanted to treat myself (I obviously didn’t drink any wine while knocked up). So with the box you receive t the start of the month you also receive cards with details on the wines included to give you a bit of information e.g. taste, dry/sweet etc. On the other side of the cards it would have recipes for foods that would pair well with that individual wine. I thought the recipes are a great addition so Im not simply getting wine sent to my house every month but Im also trying out new recipes to go with them. With the boxes you can select how many bottles you would like in your monthly box, I ended up ordering the 4 bottles box that consisted of Rose and White wines.

This wine subscription box also has an app to keep track with your wine adventures, where you can change your wine preferences and rate the wines you have received in your box so far. You can also keep track of when your box is on its way. This is a good way to broaden your wine knowledge and feel like your on your own personal wine tasting at home. Getting this subscription also worked out perfect for this year with Melbourne hitting a second corona wave resulting in another stage 3 lockdown I had enough wine to save me from leaving my house to go to the liquor store. I have new wines to look forward to trying out each month as well as recipes, not to mention each box comes with a little phrase on the inside of the box. I’ve left the website below for you to get out if this sounds like your cup of tea.

IM OUT!!!!



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