Hair Colour DIY

In a complete moment of boredom I decided to freshen up my hair. It hasn’t been done since earlier this year, these are dark times people! So anyway in my skulking through my bathroom cupboard I came across some temporary hair colour my hairdresser gave me last year. It’s nothing outgoing it’s really a silver colour for when my hair needed a touch up. With my super long regrowth situation going on I thought this would be perfect to put in my lighter ends just to cover up my yellowish ends.

My hair situation was going from bleaching my hair every few weeks to a balayage look at the end of last year so the re-growth isn’t as feral as it could have been. But still it does look a little sad so this little silver colour up could either go refresh or even sadder than before. Either way this is keeping things interesting. So I used the brand IROIRO, a vegan cruelty free, natural ingredient hair colour. I thought this should be safe and not damage my hair as if I bought one from the supermarket. The steps were a bit of a pain in the ass what I had to do was was my hair (not condition) then dry it and then I could apply the colour to my hair. I mean I could have just ignored that step but I was trying to avoid a complete fuck up so I followed those damn rules closely. So after I applied the colour to my hair I left it on for 30 minutes. The package said for best results to cover, so I used one of my many shower caps I take as a souvenir when staying at hotels. After the 30 minutes was up I rinsed my hair under cold water (as directed) and didn’t need to condition, just rinse and dry.

While it was wet I could tell my hair was darker I did apply the colour all over so I could have a bit of a silver balyage/ombre situation going on. When my hair was dried I could see a difference in colour- it wasn’t a dramatic change but you could tell I did have a little something something done. Below are my before and after shots, obviously I straightened my hair a little to flatten the fuzzy air dried hair I was rocking ( believe it or not it was much worse than the first shot).

This home colour job, I nailed it. Well it could have been a complete fail tat resulted in a humorous story with photos. But I am happy with the ashy colour my hair has now, the hair colour I used actually made my hair nice and smooth and soft which was really weird considering dye usually make my hair dry. I like this brand and I bought more to keep just in case I needed a re-touch, I just don’t know when I’ll be going to the hairdressers. So we had a success, oh I did buy more colour but I forgot to mention I bought PINK hair dye! This lady is going through a crisis. The crisis of being exposed to so much pink that she likes the idea of pink everything. Stay tuned for that adventure once this washes out.

IM OUT!!!!


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