Look of the Week

I’ve been constantly seeing people on Instagram showing off their daily outfits, looking so amazing and frankly making me a little jealous. Usually in these posts they look nothing short of fabulous and well put together. Some I am aware are completely staged ( women in designer white clothes around toddlers). So I decided to channel my inner fashionista but with my own twist. Every Friday there will be a new look from the week but it will be just how I REALLY look. No perfectly put together photo just a look that became a new favourite in the outfit cycle. There will be poses to go with the look of course as the little extra.

This weeks look is……..

Wet Haired Fitness Hag

Activewear the backbone of the women’s wardrobe. Now if we’re actually being active in the clothes that’s up for debate (today I actually was). The matching top and shoes just out of luck. The cropped crew was actually cropped more to suit in with my short torso and keep me looking hip with the young folk. The wet hair is the new look of the season demonstrating that my personal hygiene is kept under control. The makeup free (including brows) look is brought to you by laziness.To top off the look I added the must have accessory for the year, a small human. With this amazing complete look I threw in the classic leg out to the side pose BAM!

LOOK DETAILS: Cropped Long Sleeve Crew from AMBR Designs, Leggings from Victoria Secret, Shoes from NIKE, Baby from my Womb

This will be a weekly thing for your entertainment. The poses for these photos have been well researched, a lot of time on Instagram. This is just to give you all a little giggle and maybe some shopping inspiration.



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