24 Hours I’ll see about that

A lot of brands throw around that their products last 24hours as if it’s some kind of witchcraft. Pretty much most of the time its either something thats stains your skin and your left with a faded mark for days or it washes off within an hour. So when I purchased the BROW MICROFILLING PEN from Benefit, that claimed the microfilling effect lasted 24hours I had to try this out!

I do tint my eyebrows because of my blonde brows, they’re virtually invisible apart from a few spots here and there. I could probably pass as Spock (live long and Prosper). So in between tints the colour comes out in some sections so I need to fill in the spots. Thi seen caught my eye because it had the microblading effect that could make when I fill in my brows look more natural. This pen has 3 different length to help create the natural eyebrow hair look. Applying the pen to my brows was smooth and the colour was the perfect shade. I keep finding blonde shades either are too light or on the copper side. This is a great pen for your brows I got the lightest shade so it would be easier to build up a darker colour.

When using it I did try it for 24 hours with dry skin (un-moisturised) and another 24 hours with moisturiser. The first time I found it did the first 24 hours it did stay and didn’t go stale, by that I mean it looked the same as when I applied it. The second I did not long after I moisturised just to see how it would go with products (e.g.. foundation) it did take a few goes to get it to come up on my skin and even then it was very faint. It didn’t last really at all, I noticed it was pretty much non existent a few hours after applying.

So this microfilling pen was a win it defiantly came in handy for those times in between tinting my brows. Just the only thing is make sure that your skin is dry when applying it and not like me just after moisturising. I found it didn’t show up on my skin very well and didn’t last nearly as long as it did when my skin was dry. Benefit is a great brand with brows and it seems they have another winner. This product is available at Sephora and many other online hair and beauty stores.

IM OUT!!!!


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