All About Halloween

Since last year’s Halloween, the spawn has been counting down the days for this newly adopted holiday. Throughout our time at home (yay lockdown) she has been talking about nothing else about how excited she was (with the exception of when Trolls 2 will be coming out). Fortunately for me this year I won’t be battling off morning sickness and be in a shit mood at the thought of this night. So as a way to amp up the anticipation I’ll try to get in the spirit by channeling my in Halloween buff. So this whole month it will be nothing but Halloween every post. From DIY decorations to cocktails it will be up .

Yes I am aware that Halloween isn’t really an Australian holiday, its more of our adopted holiday. So anyway all of us in the house will be wearing costumes on Halloween and have a little celebration at home, because frankly I don’t know what the bloody go will be with this corona bullshit – whether well be in lockdown again. So to save the spawn having any further disappointment this year well just be partying at home.

So stay tuned for some Halloween fun …….



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