Look of the Week

This weeks look is…..

Plenty of Room for a Food Baby

This sexy oversized look is bought to you by someone who frankly can’t be bothered looking neat today. The mixture of maternity wear, nursing wear, oversized cardigan(on purpose) and activewear is the perfect look to leave the house to drive to McDonald’s to get a drive through coffee. This look is also perfect for those hitting all you can eat locations or are just doing regular trips to your fridge. Plenty of room to grow. Top this look off with another Instagram fitness person pose or as I call it look at ma shoe.

LOOK DETAILS: Cardigan From Petal and Pup, Singlet From CottonOn Body Maternity, Leggings From CottonOn Body, Shoes from NIKE, Bag From MOCHA, Sunglasses from MINK PINK, Coffee From McDonald’s and Sour faced look from the fact I didn’t win the ICONIC voucher from McDonald’s Monopoly

IM OUT!!!!

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