Jars didn’t go to waste..

Does anyone else keep empty jars (cleaned out of course). I mean a lot of the time after I finish a jar of coffee or pasta sauce I was the jar and hold onto it. Now I have a large draw full of jars. To to save myself from being labeled a hoarder by my husband I decided to repurpose these as a decoration for Halloween. This is a really easy decoration for around the house and is perfect for anyone of any age. The oldest spawn and I made these up just one weekend. I was going to use actual candles but it just seems too dangerous so we stuck to battery tea light candles to save burning down the house.


Clean Jars

Paint (we used orange, black and white)

Battery Operated LED Tealights


1. Make sure your jars are clean and dry before painting.

2. Paint a layer of paint of your choice. You may have to do a few layers depending on the look your going for- fewer layers mean more textured look. We only did one layer.

3. Leave to dry and once dry paint the face as you please then let dry.

4. Once all dry place tea light in and enjoy the lit up decorations. If you feel like it’s too bare just ad a few decorations (ribbons, string) around the top of the jar.

This was a great thing to do one weekend while at home (not like we can go anywhere anyway) and super simple. These don’t really look the best, as in Pinterest worthy by looks. But I was looking for more of a textured rustic look rather than a clean blunt look. If I wanted that I’d have brought out the spray paint.

IM OUT!!!!!

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