Look of the Week

This weeks look is…

Suns Out Better Shave my Legs

Its heating up in Melbourne, well for two/ three days that is. Then its going back to freezing ass cold (ahhh Melbourne you love to keep us on our toes with the temperatures). So anyway why not enjoy the short time you have in the warmth with silky smooth legs out for everyone to see…….by everyone I mean everyone in your house or your neighbours if they catch you snooping through the blinds checking if they are following the rules about visitors. This look is my lazy look that I can get way with looking like I’ve got my shit together. Topping this simple look of is a quick curl of the hair to make it look like I’m rocking those beauty wave. Really I went to sleep with my hair up and I just needed to add a few curls to make the look seem like it was intentional.

LOOK DETAILS: T-Shirt dress from All About Eve, Slides from ROXY, Fitness Tracker watch from KOGAN, Snoopiness from boredom

IM OUT!!!!!


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