Ok pumpkin I’ll give you another try…

Ok so this isn’t technically a Halloween themed post, but pumpkin spiced drinks/foods usually come out at this time of year so this is only appropriate. I have had a Pumpkin spiced latte before a few years back (post link below) but I wanted to try another version of the pumpkin spiced beverages just to see if I like it. So these have been out for a while now at Starbucks but seeing as we were in lockdown and weren’t able to travel more than 5km (closest Starbucks is more than 5km away) away from our house unless essential or work. I couldn’t really say me wanting to try out a Starbucks beverage is essential. So anyway I got the husband to stop by Starbucks while out and about for works so I can try out the Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Cream Cold Brew. That names a mouthful. I saw this advertised on the Starbucks Australia Instagram and it caught my eye, I mean I do like cold brew coffee and this cold be a nice little extra to it.

“Cool down while you cosy up with a refreshing twist on our classic Cold Brew that’s topped with a creamy cap of Pumpkin Spice-infused cold foam. It’s our newest pick of the patch and one you’re sure to PSLove.” Starbucks Australia

The thing about Starbucks that I like is a majority of the time their beverages and food look exactly like the advertised photo (unlike McDonald’s you lying bastards!!) and this drink looked exactly like what was advertised. Now the taste, that’s really what I was here for. The taste was so good. Now I just have the cold brew by itself with no sugar or milk added and I love it. With the pumpkin foam it just adds that small amount of sweetness without turning it into a sugar filled milky mess. The pumpkin spice flavour was just perfect and it mixed it well with the cold brew and the cold foam wasn’t over creamy. I was worried with the foam it would be too creamy and make it feel heavy aswell as kill the coffee taste but not at all! I didn’t mind the hot Pumpkin Spiced Latte bit it honestly tasted a lot like a chai latte. I want to have the pumpkin spice flavour hit me in the face – it’s not a common flavour here in Australia and you really have to look for foods/drinks with its flavour.

I was really happy with this cold brew, honestly writing about this is making me crave another one. I liked the balanced sweetness and creaminess in this drink, it didn’t taste like I was drinking a milkshake. I think I actually prefer this to the hot latte, I didn’t feel like I had to search for the pumpkin spice flavour. I seriously think i might be getting a daily one of these. I have included my first pumpkin spiced latte experience below for you to check out.

My First Pumpkin Spiced Latte


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