Look of the Week

This Weeks Look is….


I woke up thinking to myself wavy hair was going to be the go for sure. I started waving my hair then got distracted and went off to do other things then a few hours later got back to finish the job. My dumbass forgot to go over what I had done earlier at this point because the wavy hair had started to drop so I looked kind of like I was attempting a mullet with the top half of my hair being shorter and tighter waves while the bottom was looser waves and longer. Anyway to go with my look I went with my Rugrats themed t-shirt which happened to fit in well with this years overall theme , some leggings and Converse shoes. I made sure I topped the look of with my offspring (unfortunately for me was taking an atomic dump) my smelliest accessory. Thats right the same pocket leggings Ive worn many times before. Im not kidding when I bought many many pairs of these.

LOOK DETAILS: T-shirt from Poundcake Apparel, High waisted Leggings from Victoria Secret, Shoes from Converse and Spawn bought to you by a few cocktails and my husband

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