White Claw is an alcoholic seltzer that’s gotten pretty popular in the states. I’ve actually tried it when over there and I understand the hype. Well for the black cherry flavour that is, holy shit it was good. So anyway for a while now I have been on the lookout for something similar to White Claw that’s available here, that was until I received the news White Claw is coming to Australia. Finally a light and refreshing mixed drink to enjoy on those hot summer days (when we have them). So as soon as I had the news I put my name down for pre-order and had to give the other flavours a whirl. Now the liquor store supplying them only are rolling out 3 flavours: Mango, Lime and Grapefruit. Why only 3 is beyond me but it’s better than nothing. So I have the lime and mango flavours to give a try since the only one I’ve ever had was the black cherry (which apparently is the best- go me starting off strong). I only went with the two flavours out of the 3 because grapefruit is a strange flavour for me in rare cases I find something grapefruit flavoured that I actually enjoy but most of the time not really a fan. Honestly I’m not entirely a fan of the fruit itself to me it tastes like I’ve drank a sip of juice immediately after brushing my teeth. So I didn’t want to risk buying a four pack and have 3 drinks sit in my fridge forever if I didn’t like the taste (which would be highly likely) and not even the husband would drink them. His not a fan of seltzer’s at all.


Ok first of all these cans feel smaller than I remember. Well I was in Vegas when I first tired a White Claw so the odds of me being pretty intoxicated would be high. Anyway the mango taste really was subtle. It was really pleasant to be honest. The flavour wasn’t so in my face that I felt like someone shoved a heap of mango flavoured syrup in a glass of seltzer water but it wasn’t to subtle that I had to search for the mango. This was a pleasant start with the flavour it felt like I had put fresh mango in seltzer water overnight and the natural flavour had combined. This was so refreshing and light to drink that I forgot it was alcoholic which is really dangerous.


Now lime flavoured drinks are always a drink that could either be delicious or a sour mess. So this White Claw I was nervous about. So tasting this I got kind of hotel spa vibes ( god I want to leave my house) it was cool and refreshing without an aggressive lime flavour. Again it wasn’t tasting like pure syrup in the drink I felt as if lime was left overnight soaking. I honestly feel like if I added a bit of mint I could make up a White Claw Mojito. Ooooo that’s an idea right there!

So this post obviously wasn’t Halloween related but honestly this sprung up and I had to try these bad boys out. I was just way too excited to wait until next month. It was great to try these flavours out and I can’t wait to try out the others when they finally hit the Australian shores. These were a great start and I am so glad I didn’t try the grapefruit I can almost for sure say it would not have gone down well. Hopefully just in time for summer.



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