Trick or Treating during a Pandemic

With the way things are at the moment I could only say that trick or treating in my neighbourhood would be pretty unlikely to happen. Of course not every house participated in Trick or Treating because well it’s really an adopted holiday, technically not a holiday for us here. But many of the houses in my area liked to give out treats to kids in costumes (and some NOT). But honestly even if people still did I wouldn’t feel 100% doing it since we still have restrictions here in Melbourne.

So being as this is one of the two events my spawn has being looking forward to all year (the other was seeing Trolls World Tour but since cinemas are closed yeahhh we’ll wait for the DVD) I thought we could improvise with Halloween this year. Because Halloween falls in a weekend we have plenty of activities we can do to make sure she enjoys herself in her costume. Well we are all dressing up and are planning to do kind of a chocolate bars scavenger hunt kind of like Easter but with mini chocolate bars and lollies. I will make sure that I remember where I hid them though, don’t want my fat dog finding some forbidden goodness while we sleep. As well as the scavenger hunt we’ll be doing other games with sweets prizes (posts coming soon).

Its pretty shit that this is how we will have to do things this year but you know we gotta do what we gotta do.

IM OUT!!!!


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