Halloween Games

Halloween is almost among us (at this point who really is more excited me or my kid) and I have sorted out a few games for us to play throughout the day and night to keep us entertained. I know without a shadow of a doubt that spawn will wake me at 5am (standing wide eyed next to my bed like a creep- a little proud) excited as all hell about the day. She’s already selected movies she wants to watch while in costume but she wants to do a few other things later on in the day I I’ve put together some of the games we’ll play and one for just the adults.


This is the kid friendly version. This is a good start to the fun just print out an A4 card and get everyone to watch a Halloween themed Kids film eg. Hocus Pocus. I could have just kept it to one film but my kid tends to change her mind half way through sometimes. So I just looked up some cards on Pinterest that would be easy for her to figure out considering she can’t read properly yet and I don’t want to have to explain everytime to her what each word is. So I did chose ones that were pictures and we had to mark them off. You can make an adult version for when they are watching horror films or just plain Halloween themed films. We’re just sticking to the kids one this year.


Yes bowling!! I love to go bowling for a bit of fun especially in a date night. I’m not talking about the full serious bowling with shirts and shit I’m talking about bowling with a few cocktails and sometimes a bit of cheating by using bumpers. So not being able to have a bit of fun bowling this year has been a bit crap but fortunately for me I do have a long hallway and a heap of plastic bottles I repurposed. To get these more on theme I simply:

– Removed the labels

– Spray painted them all one colour

– Once spray was dry, painted faces and numbers on them

– Boom we have some spooky bowling pins

From there I just dug up any old ball to bowl at them and made sure we kept score. With this you don’t have to have 10 pins you could have as little or as much as you please. All you really need is a hallway, bottles, a ball and something to keep score. Decorations are all up to you.


Now this is one for the adults, well obviously- although it would be funny watching kids shot milk or soft drink (please dont come for me). So this one crack put the 80s/90s/early 2000s horror films and let’s get nostalgic and drunk. Or if you’ve never seen this films because your too young, this is the shit we watched. Some aged alright some did not but that adds to the fun of this game. So I made up a list and everytime you spot one of these follow what it says:

  • Jack O lantern ( take a sip)
  • Boobs ( take a sip)
  • Characters having sex ( take 2 sips)
  • Character has an alcoholic drink (finish your drink)
  • Any character goes to the basement/secret passage/discovered room when they hear a strange noise (finish your drink)
  • A sudden loud noise thats makes you jump ( take a sip)
  • Someone screams ( finish your drink)
  • When someone takes a kitchen knife as a weapon ( take a sip)
  • When someone you thought was dead comes back alive (finish your drink)
  • Character dies at a house party ( take a sip)

IM OUT!!!!!


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