Look of the Week

This Weeks Look is…….

Lydia Deetz Working it

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! This weeks look is delayed due to Halloween falling on a Saturday. Beetlejuice in my all time favourite movie, I even weirdly watched it as a child. But because I refused to pay $80 for the film costume I opted for the Lydia Deetz costume from the cartoon TV series- which I did watch as a kid and did enjoy. Seriously did anyone else watch that show 90s kids I’m looking at you. This is a simple getup that can be slutted up or down all you have to do is just change up your bottoms. I opted for leggings instead of booty shorts but I wasn’t entirely going the prude route so I wore my pole dancing boots. Of course today I had to model my outfit on my home pole (yes I have a pole in my house, I also have a pantry full of wine…..whose up for a party). I want to point out in finally wearing makeup after weeks without it, I go big or go home!

LOOK DETAILS: Wig from CostumeBox.com.au, Webbed poncho from rr.com.au, Leggings from Victoria Secret, Boots from Pleasers, Pole from Xpole Australia



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