Time to get Chocolate Wasted

So this post was supposed to be back in early September but it has been a journey to getting these. Back in August I ordered some of these chocolates to try out, understanding with the corona bullshit and people online shopping that the items may take a while in the post. But after waiting I finally got my delivery text late August only to find out they postman delivered my package to the wrong address!! I called up and confirmed that the address was correct but the postman delivered it to the wrong house. So after many weeks going back and forth with Australia Post trying to retrieve my item and not telling me which neighbours now have my package. So after finally getting an answer from Australia Post about what the next step was the company sent out some replacements to the lost items.

Wine Bar Chocolates are made from premium wine and cocktails. Each chocolate bar is hand made in Western Australia to create the subtle alcohol infused chocolate that would mean happy hour is in chocolate form. I have been looking of cocktail infused chocolates for a while that are a perfect mix together and not just chocolate pieces with what tastes like pure alcohol injected into it. I thought I’d start with three cocktails I know so well and know the flavours to look out for.

Espresso Martini

This one I feel could have been done really lazy in the flavour department. They could have just given me a coffee flavoured chocolate and called it a day. But I did feel like I had an espresso martini in solid form. It was obviously lighter on the alcohol compared to the martini otherwise it wouldn’t be as pleasant to eat it was really nice to eat and you had the hint of alcohol. It was a very smooth flavour and almost creamy I seriously had to stop myself because I could have eaten the whole block in one sitting.

Pina Colada

Pina coladas are always the best in the flavour department. It’s honestly pretty hard to fuck up the iconic flavours of coconut and pineapple. I did go into this pretty confident about this flavour chocolate, the only thing that made me a bit worried was if it would be too strong in the alcohol department. Tasting this chocolate the flavour again was deliciously creamy with the pineapple not too sickening or tasting like sugary syrup it had a perfect pineapple creaminess to it. I didn’t pick up too much coconut but it did have a slight rum after taste to it. Which wasn’t too overwhelming having the aftertaste but I would have liked a bit more coconut flavour mixed in. Still this was a great chocolate…..I did eat the whole block in a day. I made me feel like I was on a tropical holiday and I did feel like it was a cocktail and not just a pineapple chocolate.


This block was white chocolate so this would have been interesting. I’m not overly fond of white chocolate there’s limited brands that I find nail the taste. I also find white chocolate is a very overwhelming taste and can kind of steal the spotlight. So mojitos are just such a cool refreshing drink and are just all around pleasant, when made correctly. So I was hoping they had someone who could make a good mojito in charge of the flavours when creating this chocolate. Obviously it will be a bit more creamy in taste so I kept that in mind I just hoped it would be the perfect mix of rum, lime and mint. I didn’t want a standard mint chocolate. Biting into the chocolate I was of course greeted with the white chocolate taste (it wasn’t to bad) but I then enjoyed the creamy centre which was a great mixture of all of the flavours. None of the flavours out did the other, all 3 worked together perfectly with the chocolate.

So all of these were actually really tasty and worth the wait. Australia Post told me they had a photo of the post box they delivered it to(definitely not mine) and wouldn’t send it to me or tell me where just that it was in my street I’m assuming to stop me from going to the house. I just would like to know which of my neighbours had my package and kept it. Anyhoo these are delicious chocolate treats with a twist and would be great stocking stuffers/ hamper fillers for Christmas. Yep already thinking about Christmas. Link is below check them out there are many many more cocktail Chocolates available.




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