Look of the Week

This week look is…..

Mentally Preparing to Ditch the Loungewear

Things are looking up her in Victoria, restrictions are easing and things are opening up. The cases have been at zero for 14 days (thats a lot of doughnuts). But as things are opening up I need to think about wearing proper clothes. While hiding out in my Pole room in my house (yes I have one in my house- its also my office) I came to the realisation that I will have to slowly ditch the clothes that are really for bumming around. I have no excuse Im not longer pregnant (slowly losing the baby weight- not far off what I was before) and we are reaching the warmer months. Girl its time to clean up. For this weeks look its me slowly transitioning into becoming a human again and not the hot mess trying to figure out which track pants to wear. Of course this look had to be done on my small stage because its basically showcasing the uniform of 2020 THE YEAR OF SWEATPANTS. The look is totally fabulous with the topped off look of undone, re-growth hair and a pose that says ”I know theres a camera but I’ll pretend I’m mid conversation”.

LOOK DETAILS: Top from H & M, Pants from BAE The Label, Shoes from Converse, Stage pole from X-Pole and Swollen Face from Lack of sleep.


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