Espresso Martini’s in a Jar

Melbourne Martini was a brand I just accidentally came across one day while on a battleship website making a purchase for my husbands Grand Final Football solo drinking adventure. I wasn’t drinking that day but I thought why not check out a few things for a day I would like to have a little drinkie. I straight away saw the cute jars that they came in and Im not going to lie I was swayed by a god damn jar (what have I become). These single serve ready-to-drink cocktails in jars are made from “Australia’s World Class Ingredients” according to their website. I like the overall look of the jars and the fact they just require a quick shake and your set to drink.

So this will be my second pre-mixed espresso martini I’m giving a whirl. The first one wasn’t really spectacular so I was a bit worried how this would go. So I shook the jar and poured it into my martini glass (perfect fit) and dove right in. Well I’m just going to say it straight out, this without a doubt was the most delicious pre-mixed cocktail I have ever tasted! Holy Crap! It was the perfect combination of espresso and vodka. I didn’t feel like I was just drinking a glass of vodka with an espresso aftertaste or on the other end where I feel like I’m drinking a cold espresso. I genuinely felt as if I was drinking a cocktail made up by a bartender……well close to nothing beats a freshly made cocktail-but this comes very close. I loved the little jar it comes in I actually washed it and kept it. The flavour was so smooth and with the perfect coffee to alcohol ratio it made the whole experience really pleasant. I felt like I could whip one of these bad boys out one Sunday if I decided I wanted to be fancy and make myself a brunch……..I’ll have to make sure Im home alone to enjoy it. I wish I could have had more but with this I didn’t want to ruin by too much of a good thing.

This was a win with the espresso martini. After having a little looks through the Melbourne Martini website I did find they have a salted caramel flavoured espresso martini as well as other cocktails available. So stay tuned for me giving those a little try. Of course Ive included the website below for you to check out their products and maybe order yourself some. If you are in Australia they are available at Dan Murphy’s (uncle Dans), BWS and a few other online alcohol stores.

IM OUT!!!!


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