Look of the Week

This weeks look is….


Restrictions are easing I can go out to look at shit in stores in person…..no waiting for packages. Apart from rocking face masks out in public and limited people in places things are slowly starting to feel a bit normal. Yeahhhh it’s still not normal but we can leave the house and not have to be within 5km/25km from our house. Anyway I have to get out in the world and remember how to be around other human beings again (so no farting in public-it’s highly frowned upon). Aswell as having to remember how to act around people I also have to make sure I keep up with the ever changing Melbourne weather. Today’s look is Melbourne casual, black from head to toe. I haven’t completely ditched my quarantine looks with the scrunchie still firmly in place (that’s until my hairdresser finally tackles my hair) with the old faithful leggings.

LOOK DETAILS: Scrunchie from SHHH SILK, T-Shirt from Ed Victoria Secret, Leggings from Victoria Secret, Crossbody Bag from MOCHA, Thongs from Haviana, Baby from Satan.


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