My hair this year has been the solid indicator that Ive been through some shit. It would have been a lot worse if I had to wait any longer to get into a salon (most likely be some out there colour that looks like I mixed it with mud). Late last year I wanted to try to transition my hair from being regularly bleached to maybe a bit of a balyage look. I didn’t want to let it flat out grow out because full head bleached hair with wicked re-growth on me…….well I’d look like some delicious white trash. I had my last appointment in say January and was due for my next in about late March. Well this corona bullshit happened and salons closed then opened and I just couldn’t bloody keep up so I hadn’t been to my next appointment. I then got to pregnant (too fat and uncomfortable to sit in the chair) to get my hair done before I evicted the spawn. Getting my hair done before she was born would have been great the first thing seeing a goddess mother but instead she saw this trashy bitch and had to roll with it. Anyway I then had to recover by then we had the case numbers rise and we were thrown back into lockdown. So it had been a long time since my hair had been done.


Saying that I did get a small trim about late May and that was only down to pure luck because the older spawn had to have some putty she for some reason put in her hair removed and my hairdresser took pity on me when she saw my home ISO haircut. So she only gave my hair a small trim to make it look less like a blind person cut my hair. So not having any colour treatments done to my hair for so many months gave me the push to treat my hair as much as possible to make it the healthiest its ever been and to finally see what my natural hair colour is now. I haven’t seen my natural hair colour since I was about 16. Maybe younger. My god my hair is ginger-brown with a few stray greys (I can admit it!!) what the fuck happened to my blonde!

Back on track I’m rambling a lot today, I think Ive had too many coffees and its making me ramble. IM DOING IT AGAIN! SO! I finally got my hair done. I didn’t want to just jump back in to a full head of bleach because I did like the look of my natural colour popping through and my hair has felt so healthy and strong while at home (but looking like shit). I ended up getting a few foils put in to kind of blend my regrowth a bit better to my hair and lighten it up a bit. I also got a bit of toner in because I hadn’t bothered toning my hair in months partially because I was at home and my hair a lot of the time was putted back.With my look I like the fact that I can leave it longer between salon visits the re-growth isn’t as obvious and my hair can continue getting stronger. I did have a lot of dead ratty ends which meant I did have to go through a but of a chop. With the photos my hair before was short but below my shoulders. I haven’t had my hair cut this short in years so its getting used to having a lot less hair, but it does feel great to finally have it done.


Sure I looked like garbage before getting my hair done, but it did help giving it a bit of a break from constant meddling. It now means I will be able to grow my hair back to the long luscious locks I used to have but this time they will be stronger and not snap off. So my transformation from gutter trash is happening Im slowly coming out of the gutter and resembling a human with a resting bitch face. Obviously these photos were taken at different times of the day the before was taken early in the morning and the after was taken in the afternoon with the bloody sun shining through. It is true having your hair done makes all the difference with your mood.



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