Just a little Salted Caramel

TooFaced has released their holiday range of makeup and of course I had to get myself something as a gift to myself for putting up with my housemates (husband and spawns)throughout lockdown . Originally I was planning on buying the Pumpkin Spiced Eyeshadow palette but after a lot of time thinking about it, I realised as much as I loved the colours I realistically wouldn’t wear over half of them. I then came across the Salted Caramel mini palette. All of the colours I loved and I knew I would use.

I know I’m basic and I tend to gravitate towards more neutral colours, but I just can’t be fucked trying to work with other colours. Its a very slippery slope with me with a lot of other colours sometimes it can work out and I look edgy and cool. Where a lot of the time it can go straight to 1980’s Chic. I also like the neutral colours because they can work anytime of the day and really for any occasion, you can rock the colour day to night. So to the palette, it has contain 4 glitter eyeshadow shades and 4 matte shades. Apparently its supposed to have a salted caramel scent to it I couldn’t smell it to be honest but I’m not complaining about that its just a little bonus. Im not a big glitter eyeshadow fan I prefer matte. I do occasionally throw in a bit of sparkle with my eyes if the occasion calls for it or I need a little sparkle in my life that day- but generally I stick to matte. With this palette I actually don’t mind a bit of sparkle in my look. With using the palette I thought the colours were very pigmented and I felt like a little went a long way. I didn’t need to keep applying eyeshadow for it to show up on my skin and it didn’t flake off all over my face. I did use this during the day and eventually at night so I saw two different looks.

I absolutely love this little palette, it’s great I went for a mini one for a change instead of a bigger one. The colours I can wear from day to night no worries and the colours just match my skin so well. I love the matte colours by themselves and with a with a bit of sparkle to them. This will probably be my go to for a while they are the nice simple colours I love to wear. The eyeshadows were all so pigmented I didn’t feel ripped off at all and they all blended perfectly. I also loved the fact the I didn’t have the eyeshadow flake off onto my face when applying I am a person who does her face makeup before her eyes so the eyeshadow flakes on my skin I bloody hate it! Anyway this will be perfect for all of my Christmas celebrations, so exciting.



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