Black Toothpaste

KEEKO are a brand I’ve used for a few years now for their coconut oil pulling sachets that whiten your teeth naturally. I’ve also used a few other products, all of which I loved and have had great results with my teeth and gums feeling healthy and looking sparkling white. I do however don’t like the mess the coconut oil makes- well technically it’s the mess I make with it. Because it is oil you can’t just spit it down the drain, because it will harden and block the drain. With my shitty drains I don’t really want to risk a blockage. So I saw they were selling a natural toothpaste that whitens teeth and keeps my gums healthy I had to give this a go.

I’ve used so many toothpastes that apparently whitens your teeth (there are so many!) sure some have put my teeth up a shade but never REALLY made them as white as they advertise. I also found that with all of the whitening toothpastes that it’s a bit rough on my teeth with all the chemicals. I have sensitive teeth and a lot of products tend to flare up the sensitivity. When trying this toothpaste it is just a natural toothpaste you use day and night. It does take a bit getting use to with scrubbing your teeth with this black paste, you get a preview what you’d look like with teeth missing- I might have played a bit made it look like I had one tooth and channeled my inner redneck. The toothpaste was a little grainy compared to normal toothpaste but once you get used to it, your fine. Other than they grainy feel and the blackness it just felt like normal toothpaste with the minty taste and freshness afterwards. As for the whitening aspect of the toothpaste it is a gradual whitening I have been using this for almost 2 weeks now and my teeth are a nice pearly white now. It didn’t happened overnight so it does take a few goes to get whiter but it does make them white.

I do like this toothpaste, its great for my sensitive teeth and I don’t feel like its made my teeth weaker with the whitening. I like the fact its lightened my teeth without any painful chemicals and it doesn’t make too much a mess (the black in the sink is a bit of a pain but manageable). This is a better way to whiten my teeth and its just in my daily routine so I don’t have to change a thing. Im for sure buying more of this, if you want to check it out click on the link below.



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