Taking on the Gingerbread Village

For some reason when it comes to making gingerbread houses I never have any luck what so ever with making one that can stand up and be decorated. It all started when I was in year 12 and apart of our Home Economics class projects was to make and decorate a gingerbread house. I have made gingerbread a number of times and its always been a success so it didn’t seem that hard but when it came to construction I fucked it up so badly that I submitted a crushed up gingerbread pyramid with icing and lollies scattered all over it. Fast forward to my adult hood to creating one with my spawn. I thought getting a gingerbread house kit would be the simpler way to go so I didn’t have to stress about making the gingerbread just put together and decorate – a fun little Christmas activity for me and the then 3 year old. Well when it came to putting it together I thought Id take my time so then it wouldn’t fuck up and fall apart. WRONG!! It collapsed just as we were decorating it, I didn’t put enough icing on it to glue the pieces together. To be fair I was trying to make it look nice like the box and not smothered in icing.

So I haven’t really had a great track record with gingerbread houses. But it didn’t let it put me down I thought I would try again for a fun little activity with the family but this time we could make a little gingerbread village. I thought it might be a bit easier since they are smaller houses there is less likely a chance things could break. So this time we all got our own little houses and there was an extra house or it looked like a little Church so I did that too. I made sure I took my time in construction and I put enough icing on the house and church to make sure that we didn’t have anything collapse. didn’t want to be responsible for the sketchy house on the block. The house went together and stayed together no problem, SUCCESS!! The church also put together nicely. That is until I realised that it was facing a different direction compared to the houses. I am such an idiot I put my little church together facing the wrong damn way compared to the houses. Typical me. Fortunately we could carefully move all of the little buildings to face the same way on the board.

I did slap on so much icing to make sure it stuck, it looked almost over done. Yeah it looked pretty bad. But I did have hope that it would look a lot better once I decorate the bad boy and cover up the over use of icing. I mean I could make it look like the house was covered in snow. So we decorated our little places and I’m taking some comfort in the fact that not one of us produced a beautiful Pinterest worthy looking house. They all looked like hot messes to be honest and I accidentally knocked the roof off of one while decorating (well technically I was laughing while doing it). Although these aren’t particularly aesthetically pleasing, they were a lot of fun to do and get us excited for Christmas. I am proud though that these did stay together (apart from the roof I knocked off). Its been a few days now and they still are going strong I did eat the broken roof and yeah these are for sure just decorations. A bit stale.



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