What’s that smell??? ITS ALMOST CHRISTMAS

After enjoying the Halloween wax melts I just had to give the Christmas ones a try from Cocoskin . I really do like this brand with them bringing out a decent sized collection for certain holidays. I thought this could get the house smelling Christmassy- in the holiday mood. Its always good to try out some new scents for around the house rather than the same ones all year round. So anyway I made another purchase and thank god these arrived quickly, there has been nothing but constant alerts saying that there will be delays with postage due to the high number of orders this year. Plus I was wrapped no one tried to steal my package I know theft is up always at this time.

EGGNOG: I seriously went and sniffed a carton of eggnog to get an idea of the scent. I found with this one it took a while for the scent to really kick in once the melt was melted. But once the scent hit you could definitely smell spices coming through. With the website this apparently smelt “like rich, sweet eggnog”. Well with the spices I could definitely smell the creaminess and spices of the melt. I could smell some cinnamon and I think maybe some nutmeg in the mix, Im not 100% even though I did keep sniffing my melt like a crazy person trying to figure out what spice I could smell.

CHRISTMAS COOKIE: So according to this scents description on the website this melt “Smells like: Freshly Baked, Buttery Vanilla Cookies with a hint of Cinnamon”. This one and the gingerbread scent I was so excited about. The smell of freshly baked goods is a smell I always want pumping through my house. It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy, kinda homely. Its a smell I feel goes with Christmas, but it is a bit harder to bake goods considering its summer at Christmas time and generally I don’t want to heat up the house with the oven on for cookies. Anyhow the first smell in the package was so delicious I couldn’t wait to burn this bad boy. Burning it around the house was so dangerous everyone who smelt it suddenly were craving something sweet. So if your trying to keep the weight under control these holiday season, yeah better avoid this melt. The melt had a delicious hint of cinnamon floating through the air, the scent caught on really quickly though the house an I honestly wished I bought more of this individual scent.

CANDYCANE: So this melts scent pretty self explanatory. Its meant to smell like peppermint candy canes. Ok so when you think of this scent the peppermint really stands out and can be a bit off-putting. You never want your house to mell like toothpaste do you. I initially was a little worried about this, Until I actually got to give the melt a good sniff. The mint wasn’t overpowering it did smell like a candycane. Peppermint with the sweet smell of lollies mixed in. It was a nice refreshing scent, the only one I feel didn’t have an after smell of cinnamon in it so it was a good change up. I really was pleasantly surprised with this because I really was worried it would smell like a tube of toothpaste exploded in my house. Instead it was sweet mixed with peppermint.

GINGERBREAD: This of course is meant to smell like freshly baked gingerbread cookies. Im a crackhead with gingerbread cookies, actually pretty most of the food served at Christmas I love. But I could eat gingerbread all year round. This is a scent you shouldn’t ever screw up because its such a well known smell. This melt did not disappoint it smelt exactly like freshly baked gingerbread cookies- it actually was used to cover up the burnt ones I attempted making. You seriously would have thought you were in a bakery and they have just made a fresh batch that have come out of the oven .

CHRISTMAS CAKE: Now this is meant to smell like the fruity Christmas pudding. I always find that people either love or hate Christmas pudding, I myself LOVE it especially with a bit of custard on top. Oh yeah thats the shit. But I know that not everyone feels the same. This was the car with the melt. I smiled it and I tell you what it smelt exactly like a warm fresh Christmas pudding it made my mouth water. But some other people weren’t so sold on the scent- obviously the weirdos who don’t like Christmas pudding. My first spawn being one of them.

So not long now until the fat man makes his appearance, of course Ive included the link below for Cocoskin and for the Halloween scents post. With how much I liked the melt from both Halloween and Christmas I may make a bit of large purchase with their other products to take for a test drive. Stay tuned, its not really a MAY but more of a DEFINITELY . This is a bit of a mix up this year, being that usually I give the Starbucks Christmas drinks a little try, but this year they were exactly the same! I was hoping for a little change up but nope so we moved onto something a little different. So anyway the countdown is on for Christmas is anyone else excited or is it just me???

IM OUT!!!!




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