On the Nog

Christmas is almost here!! I don’t know about anyone else but I’m prepared to have a few drinks on Christmas Day. Fuck the food I’m about the drinks. So one thing that’s always stood out to me is Eggnog. What the hell is this beverage I see in every American film/TV show that’s a must have for the holiday season. Now in the past I have had interpretations of how eggnog should taste eg cakes, coffee flavoured milk. So really I’ve just had eggnog flavoured things rather than actual eggnog. I’ve been in somewhat denial with having tried eggnog because I tried a eggnog flavoured milk a few years back and counted that as trying it. But this is year I am actually trying proper eggnog.

I have to admit and I know I’m not alone that the name is a bit off putting and sounds a bit gross to be honest. Now I was going to make it from scratch but after looking at what I need to do honestly fuck that shit. More than one step required I’m not interested at this point. So we bought a proper carton of eggnog from the supermarket to try it with and without alcohol. By we I mean me and my husband watches my reactions to decide whether or not he’ll have some.


Straight from the carton, here we go. So it turns out I have been thinking eggnog tastes one way for years and it turns out a lot of things are really way off. So the smell is pretty much the same as everything I’ve had that eggnog flavoured, even down to the wax melt (they nailed it). Now the taste so it is creamy and I can tastes some spices but not over kill. To me this really tastes like a watered down custard. That sounds negative, it’s not trust me. It is delicious, I like custard but obviously it’s a little thick to drink but this is more of a drinkable custard, I’m not mad at it.


Ok so I had to look up what alcohol goes in eggnog and a few different types did come up; brandy, bourbon and rum. But I ended up using bourbon only because that’s what we had. I didn’t want to go nuts with the bourbon in the drink so I actually got out the little shot glass to make sure I didn’t free pour. Dairy and bourbon to me just sounded like it would curdle in my stomach but surprisingly this wasn’t too bad. It added a little extra kick to the taste. It improved it a lot. It was so good but I did stick to one because of the obvious outcome if I over did it with drinking too many alcoholic dairy drinks. But this was pretty pleasant I didn’t feel overwhelmed with the flavours and it did make me feel all warm inside.

So as far as eggnog goes it does taste really nice. I can see it’s either something you like or don’t like because of the rich flavour. Now I would have it again most likely with the bourbon or I might put some rum or brandy in it depending on how I’m feeling. I could also have a random non alcoholic one too. Obviously either way I couldn’t have too many of these just because I just can’t drink that much rich dairy. We don’t want a Christmas Shit-Uation. Sorry couldn’t help myself but yes I think this will be a nice yearly drink maybe just to enjoy on Christmas Eve- if it’s not a hot one. I can see why this is not really a big thing here being so dairy heavy, it’s not particularly the first thing I’d reach for being as it’s summer at Christmas here. I am curious if anyone mixes up eggnog with coffee or make some coffee eggnog kind of concoction? I’m not talking about a eggnog flavoured coffee but mixing the two. Just curious to see if that would be anything special.

IM OUT!!!!


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