It’s Finally Here

So here it is just hours away from the end of what has shaped up to be a crap year for really everyone. The year started off with the Australian bushfires and ending with us all in face masks covered in hand sanitiser. Didn’t see that coming. I think a lot of Australians thought apart from the bushfires this year that the worst thing to happen was our prime minister forcing hand shakes as sympathy, didn’t see a virus that caused a massive lockdown. So this year has been a shit storm but I’m thinking instead of letting it defeat me I’m going into next year nice and positive (let’s hope the aliens don’t come before midnight).

This really has been the year of sweatpants/trackies/ leggings/ pjs. I’m all about the comfort now. For New Year’s Eve this year I’m rocking the slippers (and makeup of course I haven’t totally given up) but I thought hey I’ll try something to just see what happens (always trying things). If you too are rocking your slippers this year take a photo tag my Instagram page @she_gave_it_a_try and #slippersfornye . I might feature people in my stories (that’s if I figure out how to do it). I thought why not this could be fun, if no one does this ah well I tried something and it failed. Either way let’s try this out and see how we go.

Anyway HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone!


Small piece of advice, if the aliens do show up. Act like your enjoying being probed – hopefully it will freak them out and send them home.


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