Espresso Martini Gift Box

Well hello! Check us out first post of 2020. So for Christmas I got gifted this espresso martini cocktail gift box. The gifted knew I like my espresso martinis and I do have a bit of a cup collecting addiction. I like cups/glasses- to the point that my husband has to confiscate my purse if I’m starting to look at cups or glasses in the homewares section of stores . But yeah I do like the idea of a cocktail kit in a box, all I had to do was add in my own alcohol.

Below is the method(straight from the box) of how I made up this cocktail:

  1. Rinse and Dry Martini Glass
  2. Grind the coffee beans (keep them course)
  3. Pour the coffee grounds into the water in the jar. Make sure the grounds are fully submerged.
  4. Let steep overnight in the refrigerator (at least 12 hours)
  5. Strain the cold brew into your shaker
  6. Dilute the cold brew with more water to taste if necessary
  7. Combine 1oz (30mls) Vodka and 1oz (30mls) cold brew into the shaker with ice. Shake well
  8. Strain into Martini glass
  9. Top off with vanilla flavour syrup to taste and serve

First off I was a bit thrown back with the coffee grinder situation….I don’t bloody find beans! I get them already ground up and in pod form so I had to ground them up myself in my mortar and pestle. That was a little fun at first I was living my childhood dream I felt like I was a witch grinding up ingredients for an evil potion. When I was a kid I wanted to be a witch with powers…..I wasn’t a normal kid. Blowing the tiny amount of coffee seemed odd considering I had used so much coffee and I didn’t see why it couldn’t have just been heated up coffee then let it cool. I honestly thought it was gong to taste amazing being as I do love my cold brew. I did find this was a cocktail you had to plan ahead with, it wasn’t a “oh I’ll make myself up a cocktail” I had to make sure I was planning to drink it the next day. Well I was it was new years eve come on! So anyway, I gave the martini a try with and without the syrup just to see which way would taste better. First I tried without and well it tasted like straight vodka. I had one sip and felt like I just had a shot, I mean it was STRONG! It was super vodka-y and I couldn’t taste any of the cold brew which was a bit disappointing. I then tried with the syrup and it just continued to go downhill it was very sweet and being syrup very sugary. I get like I was going to get drunk and diabetes at the same time.

So the gift itself I love. I like the idea and setup of the gift box as well as the fact you get a glass included. The test tubes that contained the ingredients were a fun touch to the kit too. The cocktail itself I wasn’t to thrilled with. I felt like it was a lot of work for the cocktail and the work didn’t pay off it really wasn’t nice. I actually ended up making one of my normal espresso martini’s because I was hanging for one but I just couldn’t finish this one. This was a great gift I just honestly wish it tasted better and was less work.



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