Kombucha We Finally Meet

Ok so I am well aware that Kombucha has been around for a long time now but I’ve never really had much interest in this popular drink. I’m not sure why I just see it as a gimmick, one of those drinks people say are “Healthy” but aren’t. Also I don’t know what the fuck it is. So I thought I’d give a few a try to see if they are all they are cracked up to be. I purchased a few different brands because really like anything some brands can make a crap product. So were giving the alcoholic drinks a little break this week (well obviously alcoholic- turns out Kombucha has a tiny amount of alcohol in it) and trying something that Ive been wanting to try for a long time but always been somewhat afraid to try.

Trial Number One

Ok so with this brand I thought I’d be safe with strawberry lemonade flavour. I’ve seen this brand sold pretty much anywhere- smells vinegar was very bitter I felt like I was drinking apple cider vinegar. I seriously couldn’t continue drinking this after 2 sips holy crap it was vinegary. No wonder this help people lose weight the vinegar makes them poop! I mean how do people enjoy this? It was very carbonated it cause loads of burps and I felt pretty warm on the inside which was weird. What Have I got myself into.

Trial Number Two

I saw this on the YouFoodz website again I could smell the scent of apple cider vinegar but after a bit of research I found that kombucha generally has the taste to it. This one did have a bit more of a pleasant test to it. I didn’t feel like I was drinking a bottle of vinegar. With the first sip I did get a bit of a vinegar taste but it wasn’t nearly as powerful as the first bottle. I went with the strawberry-lime flavour just to keep it a simple flavour to go with. I tasted a lot like a strawberry-lime seltzer with a hint of vinegar. Not that bad.

Trial Number Three

I went with the old supermarket brand. Sometimes supermarket branded products surprise me and actually taste better than the actual full price brand. I got a raspberry-lemon flavour for this one. Apart from the vinegar scent I wouldn’t have known it was Kombucha, It tasted pretty flat and I swear it really tasted like soda water with flavour in it.

Trial Number Four

final bottle! This was another Raspberry-lemon flavour. I didn’t really smell any vinegar with this one at all. The flavour was really nice it did make me wonder if it was a super carbonated flavoured mineral water re-labeled. I was belching a lot (well a lot more than normal- yes Im a pig). This one I actually did like and I drank the whole bottle. But if I wanted flavoured soda water I might has well bought myself one rather than a Kombucha.

So I could have tried out so many more of these drinks in different brands. But I think that I has starting to get weird looks at the supermarket. As far as it goes this drink, its not that bad depending on the brand. Its not something I would rush out to buy and honestly Im not 100% sure why people still are going out to buy it. I am glad I gave it a little go so now I actually know what it tastes like. Honestly I see the brown bottles its sold in (why does nearly every brand sell them in similar bottle) and automatically associate it with beer or cider because it looks like beer or cider bottles! Anyway tried it was ok not spectacular but not completely horrible (well actually one was). But Im not going to rush out and buy a bottle.



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