Another Year Older….

Yes it my Birthday!!! Today 25th January 2021 is my Birthday. I am a year older and in desperate need of some Botox jabs (my resting bitch face is now literally a resting bitch face- not results from injectables). So I thought in celebration of the day of my birth I would share a small pearl of wisdom:

If your male companion keeps dipping into your treats supply eg; Chocolate/lollies. Buy yourself the biggest box of sanitary pads or tampons and stash the treats in the box. Make sure you place a few sanitary products on top to make the box still look like there’s products inside.

Anyway that’s my little tidbit I’m off for my birthday breakfast and mimosa. Then I’m going to live by the air conditioning for the rest of the day because the heat has hit Melbourne and it ridiculously hot. Anyway I’m a year older and none the wiser.



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