Boozy Sorbet Pops

It summer (well sort of- one day its summer the next it feels like winter) . Now I have been on the hunt for boozy ice pops to try for a number of years now, just for a summer treat. But I’ve never really found ones that really sold me. Usually I would find some that were basically normal ice pops but you have to add the alcohol yourself or that would contain alcohol but it seemed like the manufactuer is trying to give you alcohol poisoning. I did start to give up hope but these sorbet pops just randomly appeared in my Instagram feed one late night and I was immediately intrigued. The cute, retro packaging design that looked like they belonged at one of Jay Gatsby’s extravagant parties really got me interested. Of course being an alcoholic sorbet pop they do cost $5AUD each. So naturally I had to get one of each of the 6 flavours to try. Each pop roughly contains an average of 5% ABV so Im not really worried about getting drunk off of these icy treats but it will be a nice kick.


HOLY CRAP!! This was hands down amazing! Trying this first was the best decision I could have made. It tasted literally like I was enjoying a Pina Colada. It gave me major flashbacks to Vegas when I got one of the Frozen Pina Coladas from FAT TUESDAY on the strip. God I miss Vegas. This is always the perfect summer cocktail and the fact its in sorbet form ohh amazing! It was a creamy, tropical experience (yes this bad boy was an experience) that could make you feel like your on a tropical getaway – even if your enjoying it in your backyard on a trampoline.


Im always down for a mojito, its a drink I will get without fail. When Im on holidays especially. But when Ive had ready made mojitos I find they can go horribly wrong and not taste like the ratios are right. With this pop what stood out to me was the small specks in the ice pop which I think was crushed up mint. When I tried this the first taste you got was definitely the lime juice with the mint following. Perfect Mojito! It was really refreshing and overall delicious part of me wanted to just melt this down and drink it.


With any lemon flavoured ice pops I find that people either really enjoy the lemon flavour or hate it. I like lemon flavour mainly because a lot of the time as a kid that what I would get, I assume my parents wanted the good flavours and to save me getting anything red. This was a delightful cold citrus flavoured treat. I honestly forgot it was an alcoholic ice pop it’s flavour was so perfect it literally tasted like a normal lemon sorbet. The lemon flavour wasn’t too sour that every lick my face was squished as if I was literally eating a lemon.


I do like the odd scotch and coke on occasion, it always goes down good and brings back memories when I’d drink it with my friend outside at her house. Straight away you could smell the scotch which I was a little worried honestly, hoping it wasn’t going to be a strong one. But once I had a taste oh it was perfect ratio of scotch and coke. I felt like I was enjoying a well made scotch and coke at a bar. I felt like I could sit back with this in a glass and just eat it with a spoon I was just so delicious.


I think in my lifetime I’ve had Gin and Tonic twice and both of those times it didn’t go down well. I seriously always thought that it just was a crap drink but I realise now the reason it would have not gone down so well for me was most likely down to cheap gin. Gin (like most alcohol) is something that you have to pay a little more to get a good flavour. Cheaper alcohol tends to taste like petrol. So I did go into this open to try Gin and Tonic again. I do admit when trying this I did get weary when it came to tasting mainly from past experience with the alcohol. But I was pleasantly surprised with this. It tasted like a lemon flavour icy pole from the supermarket, the supermarket brand. Tastes good and something I’d enjoy every now and then.


Nope. Sorry straight out no from me. It smelt really good, I could smell the orange but when I tasted it I swear you’d have thought I was a kid that was being force to eat their vegetables. It was very bitter for me I really only could do two bites then pass it on. If you are a fan of this cocktail I’m sorry if you take offence but this is just down to my personal opinion. Its a very bitter citrus flavoured sorbet and the flavour hits hard.

These apart from one were all absolutely delicious! Perfect for summer. What I liked about these are there fact they don’t taste like booze mixed with flavour and slapped in the freezer. They taste like sorbet with the alcohol taste mixed in just right. The fact that the alcohol and the flavour were so evenly matched, I didn’t feel like it was just straight alcohol or just a sorbet pop were you have to search for the alcohol taste it literally felt as if they had made a cocktail into a solid form. I find thats with the cute packaging they and the taste I would definitely buy these for if I have a few of the girls around they’d be a great addition for a warm summer afternoon drinks and nibbles with the girls. Of course below is the website to take a look for yourself.

IM OUT!!!!


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